Jaroslav Dušek: We believe in misfortune

1 19. 12. 2022
6th international conference of exopolitics, history and spirituality

It is often said that we are able to enter an altered state of consciousness, and in an altered state of consciousness we are able to pass hot coals. But there is a view that this is the normal state of consciousness. That, on the contrary, we are living in a changed state of consciousness right now - in that banal reality. That is, it is the other way around.

Our consciousness was changed by some type of manipulation, consciousness was changed for all humanity. We believed in some guilt. We believed in guilt-based myths. But such are manipulative. As soon as he tries to force some guilt on us and we are constantly eating away from its consequences, we can be sure that it is a manipulation myth.

That original state of consciousness is full - full consciousness of unity. And we gradually moved from this originally full state of consciousness to a completely changed state of consciousness, which was so changed that we completely forgot about some unity, the connection between ourselves. We forgot that we are playing a game together. We believed in some individual lonely destinies. We believed in misfortune and fear. We believed that someone could control us and tell us what to do. But we had a very strongly altered state of consciousness.

But there are rituals and techniques by which we can push the boundaries of our consciousness and our destiny. Walking on hot coals is one of those transitional rituals where we suddenly have the opportunity to realize that the reality - matter - can suddenly behave differently than we had previously assumed.

Normally, we would assume that when we stepped barefoot on those hot coals from the fire we personally lit there, we saw its flames, we felt its heat, we would assume that he should burn us or that something unfortunate would happen. And we go over the coals and we find out that nothing happens to those legs at all or that someone has a small blister there, but it's minimal. Normally there should be a nice good burn. Because if we took the carbon in the hand, or if someone threw it, then in a second it would have fired a hole in the tissue. And suddenly there is nothing going to happen, and I do not really care how scientifically or physically speaking. I'm interested in it as a personal experience. I am interested in this as a way of moving my concept of reality.

When I first ran over hot coals in 1991, which was one of the first options right after the revolution, because various such groups of people came and ran over hot coals, I actually stopped taking any chemical drugs then. That's when I said to myself that if I could go over hot coals, I wouldn't deal with a cold or a cold by taking some support. I have to do that too, if I can walk on hot coals here. So I eliminated all the drugs - antibiotics. I've never been much of a disease, but sometimes it happened. And when it happened to me before, I didn't think about it. It was just so I ate it. Such was custom and destiny. Fate to take medication so we can go to work.

We have a code in ourselves that we must use those drugs to maintain that performance even during that illness, or to keep the illness as short as possible so that we can get back to work as soon as possible.

We have forgotten that disease is some kind of change - a ritual. That disease comes as information; that something is being communicated to us by our body of mind - be careful, it does not go on like that. You're driving us strangely. You have claims to us that are nonsensical. You're feeding us with food that is inappropriate. You are pushing us into an activity that does not benefit us. This is what the body tells us ...

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