When the detection of an ET / UFO is abused by the Secret Service

24. 06. 2021
4rd International Conference Sueneé Universe

Dr. Steven M. Greer: Ending the concealment surrounding the ET / UFO / UAP phenomenon is a commendable act. Unfortunately, it is a run on a very long track. It is important to realize that a full awareness of this fact will lead to a global transformation of society on this planet… And yet there are still many risks that can unpleasantly affect the success of the whole event. People in the background of secret projects related to ET / UFO for more than 60 years they have not the slightest interest to lose their gold-filled troughs.

There are more scenarios in the game, which seek the so-called ET detection - and not all of them hide deeply in their hearts the most honest intentions. In his book OUTPUT I write more about what Revelation this world needs: honest and open. A world in which concealment and violence are replaced by transparency, peace, love and happiness.

Unfortunately, there is an attempt to play according to a scenario that does lead to Revelation but at the same time it hides in itself manipulation. This scenario aims strengthening the power force of the military-industrial complex a arousing fear from the arrival of foreigners. Everything is aimed at voluntarily agreeing to the surrender of their basic human rights and freedoms in the chaos that has arisen. (Unfortunately, this already happens in another way.) I had the opportunity to look into secret plans, and it was something very scary. :-(

I am writing this article to you as a warning. Warning that wolves in sheep's clothing are very-very cunning and have almost unlimited funds. Most people who work with them have no idea what they are. There are even a lot of wolves who think they were good lambs.

The aliens themselves are not such a big mystery. They only became hidden, ridiculed and mystified in the world of people due to hidden power structures (cabal). Confusion and ambiguity in the information provided usually serve a hidden goal, which is to keep the public as far away from the topic as possible. At the same time, unfair plans are spun in the background. Above all, there is one great danger, much greater than the concealment itself. Unnatural a revelation forced by the power structures that are currently the frog at the source. (So manipulated Revelation.)

From the first moment, when people in secret societies or intelligence services fully realized that the phenomenon of ET is an irreversible fact (40s), various projects and plans began to emerge, which were to delay and avert as much as possible. Inevitable Revelation. It was clear that the phenomenon could not be completely concealed, and if the aliens themselves did not want to be the center of attention, it could be discredited.

I had the opportunity to meet in person with people who participated in such projects. This is not a joke. Be aware that publishing the reality about ET / UFO is planned very carefully and for a long time. Those who have been fighting all the information all the time, concealing, ridiculing, murdering - now they want to keep the reins of censorship and bend the final act in a way that would bring them even more power and fame. It is trying to create something that could be described as false revelation - the ones he hides in himself selfishness and greed. Greed for power, control of domination and violence.

It is important that we are very vigilant and attentive. Only a vigilant and informed public can investigate such fraud and thus prevent possible damage that could occur. Each of us feels that from true Revelation in love, harmony, friendship and peace may arise great good for humanity on Earth. Let us realize that the truth can be bent in various ways and adapted to the image of those who want to maintain at least a partial status quo of domination. 

One of the scenarios Revelation is that everything related to aliens (ET / UFO) will become a recognized and respected topic in the field of science and the public. All concealment associated with ET is terminated. The people directly responsible for the illegal concealment are held accountable. The public (whether individuals or groups) makes open peaceful contact with other civilizations from outer space. Technology like free energy and antigravitywhich have hitherto been violently suppressed are freely available. Thanks to this, the pollution of the environment by fossil fuels is stopped in a very short time. Consumerism is over and an economy of abundance and social justice is established, in which everyone has equal conditions and opportunities. The destruction of the environment on a global scale, world poverty or social, economic or social disproportions will become a thing of the past.

Energy devices working on the principle of zero point energy (free energy) will transform our world. Antigravity machines allow us to travel above the ground and roads and highways turn back into fields of green trees and fertile soil.

Colonel Philip Corso (in the book The day after Roswell) asked the alien: "And what will I get out of it if I let you fly?". ET replied: "New world! Take it if you want… ”. This is important and we are working with you now! :-)

The revelation could have taken place in the 50s, but it did not. Why? Such a Revelation would lead to a complete transformation of society and the social environment. Centralized energy systems would be obsolete. Petroleum products would become useful just for lubricants and synthetics - no more fuel for internal combustion engines. Today's geopolitical system would be a thing of the past. Every country and people on Earth would have such a high degree of development and progress that all nations would have an equal place at the common table. Power will be shared and the trillion-military complex will be closed. We will enter a reality full of cosmic spirituality.

But keep in mind that this scenario is a big scarecrow for geopolitical power structures and multinational corporations. For them, it is the end of the world as they know it. The end of centralized power ruled by mentally ill elites. The end of mass control on a global scale, with 90% of the Earth's population being held no more than one step since the Stone Age and more than 80% living on the brink of extinction. It is definitely not about losing their riverbeds and power.

Now let me describe the scenario in more detail Revelationwhich would suit these old structures. These are fake or fictional Revelation with the sole purpose of: Consolidating their power, paradigm, and postponing the real truth for another decade. They are driven by their own fear without a hint of emotion and love in the heart. With a desire for another war beyond our planet, not with a desire for peace. With a desire to castrate society, not unity. It is still the dominant thought paradigm, but fortunately it is slowly leaving us. He is still striving for careful organized publication fake-facts o ET / UFO to maintain the status quo.

Before this type Revelation it's good to be careful. It's something that's going on!

For the past 9 years, I have met various undercover agents and whistleblowers working on top-secret ET / UFO-related programs. Some of the things he was able to get to know were like bad sci-fi horror. Whether it was people from the high-tech industry, or the Pentagon, or just secret passers behind the curtain - more or less always came up with a common theme… This is an immense, albeit currently hidden, power. The tentacles of this special cabal-octopus go beyond the officially elected governments as we know them. This topic has two main areas: 

    1. efforts to militarize technologies confiscated from aliens a overall phenomenon ET
  • evoking some strange religious tension that can be considered bizzardous at most

There are very special people among them. People with violent tendencies, supporters of militarism, who in connection with industrialists share a certain eschatological tendency: a dark look at the future associated with the alien armageddon - or at least its threat. This approach supports retrograde and fanatical religious thinking as well as deeply hidden military-industrial plans to expand arms races into space.

From a military-industrial point of view, it would be advantageous Revelationwhich would pose a threat. Former US President Ronald Reagan at the UN once said: "How quickly would our political differences change if we had one common enemy from space?" In his opinion, the world would very quickly unite into one whole, regardless of culture, religion, political orientation in the common interest - wars against aliens. This would provide the military-industrial complex with trillions of profits from the production and distribution of weapons. For comparison, the cost of the so-called Cold War would be completely ridiculous against that.

Reverse and fanatical-fundamentalist religious groups have a very strong personal interest in a similarly aggressive scenario in an effort to fulfill the biblical Armageddon. The eschatological paradigm, well rooted in the belief systems of those involved in top-secret ET / UFO projects, is supported by the idea of ​​a cosmic conflict in the sky: “Voila! We need to turn the UFO problem towards evil - the invading aliens (ET is sometimes translated in the religious world as demon).” This was actually achieved with kind permission civilian interest groups around ET / UFOs a tabloid media (which is currently virtually all mainstream).

There is another inconspicuous-looking hidden context reminiscent of racism. Note that they often are good aliens portrayed as typically human-looking beings with blond long hair and blue eyes - Aryan types. Naturally evil aliens they are presented as darker, smaller, ridiculous-looking ones. Please wake up again in my heart. In essence, instead of the age-old tendency towards interpersonal racism, we are (un) consciously approaching its extraterrestrial counterpart.

At a very lengthy meeting with a multibillionaire, I was told that he was funding several secret projects that serve to false abductions to imitation flying saucers (ARV). In his ideas, he wanted to force the unification of humanity on Earth in the fight against alien threat. (The principle known as attack under a fake flag.) Later, this influential man informed me about his rock-solid belief that these so-called demonic aliens in his opinion, they are responsible for all the failures of humanity since the birth of Adam and Eve. Does that sound familiar to you?

The Military-Industrial Complex (MIC), which is heavily involved in top-secret projects on ET / UAP / UFO cases, has the same strategy. They do Army-organized abductions of people in fake ships (ARVs) and tries to demonize everything around the aliens. It seeks to gain public support for further investment in armaments, even if world peace is to take place. In fact, it would be about world peace on the ground at the cost of moving military conflicts into space. That is exactly as former President Ronald Reagan once mentioned it. (Personally, I believe that Reagan was the victim of a secret service disinformation campaign that convinced him of the need to wage war on space. Philip Corso in the book The day after Roswell he was one of those who did not hide his interest: "I shoot first and then I ask…")

Reverse and fanatical religious groups have no less personal interest in fulfilling the biblical promise of Armageddon. Eschatological paradigm, well grounded in the belief systems of those who carry out hidden UFO projects, is supported by the display space conflict in heaven. 

And that's what it's about! There is a need to change the course of the topic UFO / ET in the direction of the evil invasive aliens, who are perceived as demons in religion. Unfortunately, the first steps in this direction have actually been taken, p courtesy civilian UFO community a tabloid media (which, unfortunately, is virtually all mainstream media at this point…).

In addition, there is a subtext that can be seen as veiled racism. Note that part modern myth concerning UFO includes good alienswhich are often described as Pleidiané. Tall, slender figures with pretty white skin and a blue-eyed Aryan look. Naturally to you evil, bad aliens they are darker-skinned, smaller in stature, look scary and smell horrible. Please! It would be really tragicomic if we caught on to the glue of efforts to exchange age-old human racism for an alien version. Hitler and his companions would be very happy with such nonsense and propaganda.

During one meeting with a multibillionaire, I learned that he is a big fan and an active supporter of all activities around UFOs that stimulate the public's idea that there are violent abductions of people into alien ships. His motivation was the idea that this was the only way to achieve the unification of humanity in the interest of a common threat. This man later informed me that he believed these demonic aliens they have been the cause of every human failure perhaps since the time of Adam and Eve. Does that sound familiar to you? The then US President Ronald Reagan spoke at the UN in the 80s: "How would the differences between our nations be reduced if we had to face the common threat of aliens from space?" 

Military interests that are strongly involved in hidden projects imitating various events around aliens, such as fake kidnappings into ARV carried out by the human army have a common goal: demonize the UFO / ET phenomenon. In this way, he tries to lay the foundations of fear. Fear necessary for organized opposition to all things around ET. Long-term propaganda justifying the need to expand the global army serves this purposeeven if there is world peace. In fact, under this scenario, it could be world peace, or more precisely peace on earth, secured by, we will all unite against threat from spacementioned by President Reagan - as mentioned above.

In line with this scenario, the present is being fake revelation the truth about the aliens with the kind permission of the secret services headed by Petagon. They are gradually released test balloons, snippets of information that are variously bent to give an idea of ​​a possible threat to (not only) American national security. Everything is done in order to achieve manipulated peace on Earth at the cost of interplanetary conflict.

One step forward and ten steps to give up. How ironically wonderful…

So that the reader does not think that this article is such a strangely unlikely conglomeration of militarists and cult religious fanatics, remember, for example, the strange views of the Third Reich and the close relationship of some leaders to the occult. Or more recently, the views of a former U.S. Secretary of the Interior during Reagan's years on behalf James G. Watt. It was he who did not know that the microphone was still on and recording his comments. He said in the 80s that we didn't have to worry about all those environmental problems, because Armageddon would soon come and the world would be destroyed anyway… This bizarre view by the man who shaped and applied the policy for the US Department of the Interior was later mainstream media. 

At the time, it might have sounded like comic note under the line. What this tells us, however, is about the extent to which these beliefs can shape a hidden policy around ET - and specifically plans for Revelation?

I have found that these views, while they may seem utterly bizarre, are strongly represented in the development of covert human policy around ET.

On the whole thing, it is very worrying that this strange mixture of military-cosmic squadrons and bizarre religious fanatics forms the dominant force shaping both public opinion. civilian UFO communities, thus affecting the planned abuse of the actual Revelation. Let's be very careful what they offer us in the media shop!

To rational and intellectual people, such considerations will seem ridiculous, misguided, and conspiratorial. They will laugh and ask: "Why would anyone want a war in space, Armageddon and the destruction of Earth?" To understand this, you need to get into the minds of people who have similar thinking as they need to James G. Watt or the Prince of Liechtenstein. Why, in his case, to be afraid of some deforestation, air pollution and areas of the dead oceans, if the whole world is destroyed anyway in a few years?

But those people's thinking goes even further. Because these fanatical considerations have a clear vision. The architects of this folly are based on a prophecy written in the Bible that as a result of Armageddon we will see II. the coming of Christ - and with it the rescue of good people, among whom they count. Belief in anything is certainly the free will of man. But some want Armageddon - and they want it fast.

Militarists and warmongers (military industrial complex alias MIC), which was fascinated by the idea of ​​how they heroically kick the ass of aliens in the style of a Hollywood movie Independence Day, they are really just looking for another excuse to spend exorbitant sums of money on weapons production due to the (staged) threat from space.

By observing the history of various civilian activities around the phenomenon of ET and politically active groups, we found that there is a gradual intersection of structures. This is such a crucial issue that we now know of the existence of projects that look like independent civilian activities to the outside, which are in fact managed and financed from black budgets.

Agents of deep-seated black projects work closely with alleged civilian researchers, journalists and glittering ARVs. The CIA and military intelligence agents work with civilian representatives of think tanks, along with very wealthy businessmen who are eschatologists, and advises them civilian technologists and scientists who are themselves proponents of bizarre systems of religious belief involving the end of the world and evil aliens…

New experts are being shown to the public election - media authorities that plan their own Revelation on the topic of UFO / ET.

Don't be fooled. Let us be wary of darker scenarios that some would like to apply to our earthly world. It is good to know that there are alternatives that these scenarios are not the only possible solution.

If he unleashes the world Fake RevelationThat is xenophobic, militaristic and terrifying, know that it comes from the leaders of a mystery, no matter how respectable a person or group may look.

And remember: Part of this disclosure plan involves the use of similar devices ETV man-made (ARV) in a false attack on Earth. Well-coordinated advanced man-made technologies have been available since the 60s to stage a fake alien attack. In this scenario, most of humanity will be (sub) led to believe that a threat from space is coming to us. That we have to fight what comes with brute force at all costs. At the same time, this is nothing more than long-term socio-economic security for the military-industrial complex. After all, there must be people who can detect this deception!

But why should we wait for these dark scenarios to take place in an unsuspecting world? Simple idea: Let's connect and publish information that reveals a false intention. Let us combine our intentions and forces to shift our consciousness to peace, not war. To a sustainable and beautiful world of all types without pollution and overflowing abundance. For us humans, this is a journey into the unknown, but definitely safer than heartless laser beaming into the depths of space.

If any of you readers are witnessing any unfair activity in the spirit described above, please contact us. If you've had a chance to look into the impending madness, or have access to technologies that could be used for something like this, let me know. What darkness and people cannot bear with it is a loving light directed right into their center. The more light in each you know, the more hope we have to awaken not only ourselves but also our loved ones.

This is a life lesson we have been learning for millennia, and now comes the moment when one great cycle is coming to an end. It's an opportunity to take a step forward and not have to go back to the beginning. We have the opportunity to move on. Whether it succeeds depends on each of us - the power of collective consciousness.

Want to know more? Read ALIENS - Revealing the world's greatest secret.

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