When natural becomes unnatural

1 07. 07. 2022

The so-called Western Society is trying to titrate itself as the most advanced on the planet Earth. We still have the most advanced technologies and capabilities. Still, against so-called less developed countries, we have become involved in conventions and social rules that are often a burden to us and suppress things that were previously for us naturally.

And before we decide for ourselves that something like that does not serve me, we turn to different social phrases: "What would people say ...?".


Already since childhood we learn to walk in boots. It has become our nature simply by not even thinking that it should be any different. If I want to walk around this world, do I have to have shoes !? I even have a choice: slippers at home, sandals outside in summer, field sports shoes and buffets in winter. The shoes are variously shaped and padded. Ladies in particular have a large selection of differently pointed shoes or heeled shoes.

If we looked at history, then our ancestors would tell us that having one pair of shoes was a rarity. They wore them only on ceremonial occasions. Shoes in the spirit of today were created relatively recently, only 500 years ago. Today, they are a social custom in all circumstances.

Like our hands, our feet have the ability to perceive the things they touch. By wearing shoes, we deprive ourselves of sensations from the surfaces on which we move. In addition, shoes, especially those on heels, deform the natural structure of the foot and force us to strain the muscles in the legs and spine in a way that is not natural to our body when walking. In addition, the feet contain many reflex points that have no way to stimulate in a normal shoe.

Modern times mean everything and offer special medical footwear with various acupressure protrusions. The biggest mess is the shoes, which try to unnaturally shape the toes into different toes. Notice how we have differently spaced fingers together. Some even have bent toe joints.

How about walking barefoot with morning dew?

Few people can say that they know how to walk barefoot with morning dew. Or how tastes walking on paving or heated asphalt. We have learned not to be in touch with the Earth - with what we walk. (Perhaps we would then show the concreting lobby to the appropriate places.)

Opponents will say to you: Walking without shoes is dangerous! What if you step on shards? What if you get a little bit sharp? What if you step into (dog) shit? What if you fry? You can say to all these doubters: Look where you're going! You will find very quickly that the world is not sprinkled with shards or debris, and that walking (not only) on the grass is very relaxing and forces you to have a proper posture.

Today, the first scientific studies have emerged that Walking barefoot is healthier than wearing shoes.  Choosing barefoot is natural to us. There are even specialized parks where maintained surfaces are especially for barefoot walking. There are interest groups that organize group walks and barefoot trips.

Shoes only make sense if the frost is really strong and the skin would freeze to the surface, or it would be difficult to move for an untrained foot for a rough surface. In all cases, it is advisable that the shoes do not wear in any way.


Women together keep bass over the gap of time

Clothing became another social convention. We used to cover our bodies from birth to death. Some people will tell you that they would rather be born with clothes, because their own nudity is unpleasant to them. Here natural nudity heals both body and soul.

Our ancestors did not dress because they wanted to cover something, but because they wanted to warm up. Just look among the indigenous African and Amazonian tribes. Local people learn to cover their bodies with designer clothes only with the arrival of missionaries. Until then, a loincloth will suffice. And they are not here to cover something, but to protect their intimate parts at work.

If you walk through the streets, you see crowds of people pouring water - they dive in several layers of clothing and lament the unbearable heat. It is taboo for many to appear in public spaces, even in underwear.

The nudity of newborns, toddlers and young children is at least tolerated in our region, and only under certain circumstances. We apologize to them for being too small to understand that must dress. When they are able to speak mostly they argue: "And why ...?". Answers of the type: "Do not worry naked here, someone will see you again." Or "It just does." Children do not really understand.

We have learned to be in the grip of another social convention, although it is often hot to faint. Too many layers of clothing cause excessive sweating and thus a great smell of dying tissue on the surface of the skin. The vast majority do not understand that it is in clothes that the body evaporates the most! (This is one of the typical arguments of opponents of nudity - I won't stink.)

Some have brought the social convention to the perfection of sleeping with clothes. We then read various triumphant scientific studies on the Internet about how it is beneficial to sleep naked - how the body relaxes from tightening rubbers and tapes… For example: Sleep naked: seven benefits to your health.

Let's realize that we breathe not only through our nose and mouth, but also through the entire surface of the body. Our body is then depleted by the natural circulation of air.

If you are afraid of sunburn, then it is the same as with anything else. If we're not used to it, we'll get burned. It's just a habit.

Let us remember that clothing has above all a functional significance - where it has a real meaning and purpose. Let's learn to feel ourselves again - our body, for example, by sleeping naked, walking naked at home and bathing naked not only in the bathroom; especially when it's hot for us to fall.

A special chapter then forms what we say Underwear. Women will certainly defend their panties as an essential part of the garment, especially the period of menstruation. This can certainly make sense, and history is wrapped in Egypt down there substances when had their days. But we get back from extreme to extreme. Our grandmothers, or even grandparents, would tell their grandmothers that they did not do anything like that at their time (except for the few days of the month). They wore long skirts, so no one was doing what they were wearing underneath. I believe, with some exaggeration, that they would tell you: Women, throw your panties! Sex is not the only reason to take them off.

The body needs to breathe and especially our nature. This is true of men who need a lot of space and freedom. Instead, he records various ailments in adulthood.

Bathing suit

Naturists by the sea

There are interest groups of naturists who hold various social events where they can meet naked. Everything happens under the cover of the saying: There will be more, we will not be afraid of anything.

Especially in the summer, swimsuits are very popular. Their influence in modern history began only in the 18th century. At that time, it was more of a bathing suit that covered the whole body. Today, there is a tendency to create mini swimsuits, especially for women. A kind of compromise between convention, provocation and impracticality.

The swimsuit has the only visual meaning of about 30 meters, which the wearer must pass between the place where he puts things away and the water surface where he can go swimming. Underwater, it is still not clear what he is wearing. After bathing swimsuit studies. Various algae and impurities can settle in them, which then irritate the skin in the most sensitive areas.

We also don't wear a swimsuit in the bathtub, but we still cling to something that has no practical significance. The argument that swimming pools and beaches are a must is misleading. The company's rules are determined by the company itself. It's about supply and demand. If we want to feel free, we must guard our free space everyone in us.

It is very strange when something completely natural has to gain its place through naturist actions through the resistance of the hypocrites.

The opponents shout: I'm not going to feel, I'm still going to look. It's the same as if we started screaming in the world, I would not be living among the thieves, someone would rob me. At the same time, something inside them is calling for self-acceptance.


Without a bra

History of brassieres goes to 19. century. Her predecessors were lacebirds. If we look deeper into the motivation of its origin, we may be surprised. As in many cases, everything began with so-called " higher companies - nobility  - as an ideal of beauty.

Women's breasts have a natural tendency to conceal in the presence of a manif his wife is excited by his presence. It is similar to making and painting your face. A woman's face has a natural ability turn redwhen there is reason. It can be said, therefore, that men are constantly excited for many generations of mothers and women.

Breast sponsors will tell you that your breasts are too heavy and the bra helps a woman to carry the weight on her shoulders. Reality is different. If a woman wears a bra from childhood, breasts tend to adapt to bra. This spoils the natural ability of the bust to hold its shape along the body. The weight of the breasts is transferred to the shoulders by the bra, from which the back can subsequently hurt.

In some natural peoples, women wrap their breasts around a strip of fabric so as not to hurt themselves when working in a forward bend. It has nothing to do with aesthetics and therefore: Women! In the name of health, throw bras and celebrate your breasts

In this way, we could continue to think, for example, about the meaningfulness of prams, cots with playpens, breastfeeding in public,… etc. For many, we find that the form we encounter with these things has changed its practical purpose to a social convention without direct benefit. Things should serve us where they make real sense. Otherwise, we should put them in the dustbin of history.

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