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In the late 1980s, a secret space fleet under the code name "Solar Ranger" was created in the US. Currently, the project has grown to eight cigar-shaped parent stations (each longer than two football fields) and 43 small airborne ships. Such information was provided by the PhD. Richard Boylan.

The space fleet is under control

The solar space fleet is under the control of the US Navy, operations in space are managed by the US Naval Network and Space Operations Command - NNSOC, with headquarters in Dahlgren, Virginia, where 300 employees work. The Solar Ranger Space Fleet employs a team of naval officers whose training took place in the prestigious 6206 - P Space Special Task Team. In addition, they all graduated from the Postgraduate Maritime Institute in Monterey, California, and have a Master of Science degree in Space Systems, according to Dr. Kurt. Boylana.

In view of its advanced technological position, the United States has been mandated to "Star Nations" to play a leading role in securing Earth's space security. This mission of securing space security includes two things:

  • One of the tasks of the space fleet is to prevent states or terrorist groups from fraudulently using the universe to attack one or other countries. "Star Nations" clearly warn that the universe should only be used for peaceful purposes.
  • The second part of the cosmic squadron's mission is to prevent the activities of a secret group controlling the global elite, the so-called "Cabal" group. It must be ensured that the elite do not use its orbital weapon systems, including the controlled beam weapon energy, to intimidate or attack anyone or any group they wish to submit to their will.

Space police

Since the space fleet was in charge of the role of "space police" in our Solar System, its program was called the "Solar Inspector". The space fleet works not only with the secret powers of the US government, but also with the United Nations' secret powers, because the mission of the space fleet is to protect the entire Earth and all the countries on it.

The "Sun Inspector" program works with the permission of "Star Nations" - the organization of advanced intelligent civilizations in space. The space fleet is the result of a request from the United Nations leadership to take responsibility for nearby space supervisory units to prevent any misuse of space by humans.

It is absolutely clear that "Star Nations" did not give the US government the exclusive power to be "Earth police." The United States does not have the authority of Star Nations to participate in any international police space activity. "Star Nations" are in the position that citizens of the Earth are obliged to work out the principles of action and regulation of their organizations as much as possible.

The Space Fleet was primarily built within the "Solar Inspector" by suppliers of "black projects" of American activities, with some involvement from Canada, the UK, Italy, Austria, Russia and Australia.

Space must remain at peace

At the same time, most of the ship's personnel and exploration personnel in the Solar Ranger space fleet are Americans, but there are some crew members from the UK, Italy, Canada, Russia, Austria and Australia. In addition, the Space Community is the authority and jurisdiction of the Solar Ranger space fleet. The program has no jurisdiction and does not interfere with matters on Earth, nor does it involve human activities in the Earth's atmosphere. This is the task of the jurisdiction of the respective governments of each country, over the airspace over their territory.

The mandate of the Solar Ranger spacecraft is merely to maintain space in peace and without abuse by terrestrial countries wishing to wage war or other illegal activities in space, such as exploiting nuclear intercontinental ballistic missiles or influencing nature, the resources of other planets or moons. Solar Rangers do not disrupt the responsibility of the governments of the countries for using their own police forces on the ground or in the air over their territory. The Solar Rangers' mandate also prevents the secret Cabal elite from exploiting space for their current agenda - domination, control, intimidation and exploitation. So the Solar Rangers space fleet is not just a United States program that unilaterally took over this role.


When the British Gary McKinnon broke into US space command computers a few years ago and learned of the existence of "extraterrestrial officers" and the creation of a fleet, as well as a secret program called "Solar Rangers", he was accused of committing "the greatest assault on military computers of all time." He was threatened with a prison sentence up to 70 years, after his release from Great Britain to the US.

However, an attempt at a serious McKinnon case before a public court would include his testimony of the aforementioned secret facts. His attorney could call government officials to swear under the cosmic squadron oath. To date, the release of McKinnon to the United States has come to a standstill.

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