Metal - proof that aliens have visited Earth?

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A mysterious piece of aluminum is considered 250 000 years old evidence that aliens have visited our Earth. Old metal was discovered in Communist Romania in 1973, but was not released at that time. After several tests, it was discovered that the object is made of 12 metals and 90 percent aluminum. The laboratory in Lausanne in Switzerland later confirmed the results.

This big piece is considered an interesting finding because mankind did not produce metallic aluminum until 200 years ago. In 1973, three objects measuring 33 stops or 10 meters were discovered on the banks of the Mures River. Archaeologists identified two objects as fossils. The third is a light metal and it is supposed to be the end of the ax.

Material that does not come from Earth?

All found objects were sent to Cluj City in the Transylvania region of Romania. Experts quickly identified two large bones of an extinct large mammal who died about 10 000 to 80 000 years ago. However, they were amazed to know that the third object was a piece of light metal that seemed to be produced. The object in question is 7,8 inch or 20 centimeters long, 4,9 inch or 12,5 centimeters wide and 2,8 inch or 7 centimeters thick. Concerned experts have come to the conclusion that a piece of metal could be manufactured as part of a more complex mechanical system because it has excavators.

The Deputy Director of the Romanian Association of Ufologists, Gheorghe Cohal, believes there is a great chance that the third thing is an old UFO fragment because it contains substances that can not be linked to Earth on Earth. Local historian Mihai Wittenberger, however, believes that the subject is just a piece of a German WWII plane from the Messerschmitt ME 262 chassis. However, this proposal does not explain the age of light metal. The mysterious metal object is currently exhibited in a historical museum in Cluj-Napoca with a description that says "origin is still unknown".

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6 comments on "Metal - proof that aliens have visited Earth?"


    That's exactly what we've been dealing with here. It's an excavator tooth :-)
    (remember that I reminded myself, my memory is usually sad :-))

    • Sueneé says:

      If you mean a backhoe which has a production date of at least 10000 BCE, I will certainly agree that it is possible: D. But if you would like to indicate that this is a contemporary piece with the 1000 date from the present, I will direct you to the scientific study presented in AA S12E02. The thing went through laboratory tests that verified that it was not "our" thing.

      • Standa Standa says:

        Are the video more accurate than the article?
        Perhaps it would be interesting to know when and which laboratory performed the analysis (there is a lot in Lausanne's laboratory), what method was used to analyze, and what are the specific results of that analysis. Best with reference to the laboratory protocol that the lab had to do if the analysis actually took place.

      • Standa Standa says:

        Two more notes:
        1. If the bones were found in digging, then it should not be too surprising to find that a lost part of the machine was dying between the bones.
        2. On the other hand, the tooth of the excavator, made of aluminum, is somewhat weird. Of course, it is impossible to exclude the folk creativity of the bagrist of socialist Romania (I have experienced the fitting of a cardan made from a broom stick in the war), but otherwise the soft aluminum is inappropriate for such teeth.
        This is precisely why I am interested in the specific result of the analysis or analysis (according to the article several have been done).

      • AROUND AROUND says:

        I tried to find it now and did not act. You are the owner of the site, so try resuscitating the article where we have solved it (just as you resuscitate others to forget about them). I remember that I did a lot of effort at that time and I was looking for a fairly clear explanation of the aluminum tooth. I can be mistaken, my memory is really sad, resolved "cases" "throwing" usually almost immediately. Call this article where we've solved it and we'll see. Yeah?
        Thank you very much.

  • Standa Standa says:

    Perhaps it would be good to recall that in our 50-years we found a cave, where there are metallic artifacts along with bones of thousands to hundreds of years.

    The analysis showed that the metal is Cu with traces of Ag Si Pb Hg Ni Ti Ti Mg AI Sn Mg - that is, roughly a dozen metals as in Romania.
    On the surface of some artifacts even the Czech lion and symbols of the Poděbrady period were scattered.

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