Linda M. Howe: The face on Mars is real and takes the form of old Egyptians.

6 24. 05. 2023
5th international conference of exopolitics, history and spirituality

Linda Milten Howe: I can add a short comment to the question of the existence of a monumental sculpture of a face on Mars.

When the photograph of the face on Mars was first officially released, I met Michael Malin in person at the university, who was personally responsible for the flight of the orbital spacecraft around Mars. He personally had access to the original images. Michael wanted to convince me that these original, perfectly pure images of a monumental sculpture on Mars were just an optical trick - a play of light and shadow, which was the official position of the government at the time (and therefore NASA).

Shortly after I met Malin and saw the original images, I went to Boston, to an analytical company called Analytical Sciences Corporation, where a man named Mark Carlado (?) simply put tanks off trees from trees for the US Department of Defense on his computers. (That is, he was analyzing the photos.) Mark took me to a room with red lights everywhere, and everyone had perfectly clean tables, and all employees were licensed for Top Secret. And he just brought me in front of one of the computers and said something to that effect: I won't tell you anything at all, I offer it to you the way it is. (It was a big screen.) I'll show you the face from Cydonia. I just want to know your reaction.

Illustration: Typical eye makeup

Illustration: Typical eye makeup in Egypt

After one or two minutes, whatever happened in the then-early 80s, whatever happened to the state-of-the-art lab - that face appeared on the screen. And the main reason I'm telling you this is that the photo was very detailed. His face has painted right and left eyebrows in a similar way as we see in paintings and sculptures in Egypt. The eye on the right side (not on the ruffled left side) has the pupil of the eye, the white and the lid (?). I'm not saying it's in color, but you can definitely see all three details of the eye. Teeth were visible in the mouth area, seen from above. The teeth were clearly separated.

I was surprised and not at all ready for something so clear. I looked at Mark and said, if that's it, then I'm looking at a monumental sculpture that was created with the intention of warning us. I never changed my mind about this.

But tell me if any of you present (listeners) are somewhere on this planet seeing photos with such great face details on Mars? The only person in the TV show is Richard C. Hoagland and Linda adds: Well, but not the public ...!

The text is a free translation of the answer to an audience question directed primarily at Richard. He has been asked whether he knows of any intention or of existing photographs that would have been taken in high definition using contemporary HD technology. I agree with Richard when he says with exaggeration that the quality of the photographs available to the public is hippo than any of us would have taken from Mars orbit with his smartphone. Linda then joined her commentary - see above.

It's another scrap in the mosaic linking, for example, to an article Mars: Twin Peaks. Mj. the name of Kahira (Egypt) can be interpreted as Place on Mars.

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