14th lunar day: Calling the soul

22. 07. 2021
4rd International Conference Sueneé Universe

Today at 18:50 begins the fourteenth lunar day, the symbol of which is Calling the soul.

If we draw the full moon, we will live

The day we can get information from otherwise difficult to access sources. Very a strong energy day, both successful and unfavorable, for whom.

It is worth noting that from the new moon to the full moon the energy increases and from the full moon to the new moon it decreases again. In other words, as we draw on the full moon, we will live by the end of the lunar month. Now it really goes on and let's panic, tomorrow speed will add!

Good day for new beginnings, for decisive action to achieve the set goal. Active and purposeful people will feel perfectly at ease. The energy flow is huge. Let us make the most of the creative forces of today!

A strong stream of energy has a merciless effect on negatively attuned individuals. They plunge them into melancholy, depression and despair. The best cure for sadness of all kinds is physical exertion - dynamic meditation, running, dancing. Stir the body, stir up the blood, so that each cell has enough oxygen. Today is the time to move! Laziness only contributes to the accumulation of unused energy.

Today it is very important listen to the sign of the Universe. They are everywhere, every step of the way! Let's be careful! Every sign on this lunar day is very significant, whether it comes from humans, from gods, from ancestors or from the radio! Let us listen to our own desires and show our talents. On this day, the whole world will help us, the main thing is to follow the call of your soul. He's calling us into action!

We listen to the universe ready to see, hear and live our mission!

What are the recommendations for this day?

Today he exhorts Pay more attention to information that is appropriate for your career. There is a good chance of a new job or an idea of ​​how to develop your self-employment. Think about it and start as many new things as possible, find the right one for you. Now is the time and Luna wishes you well!

Tip from Sueneé Universe

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