22nd Lunar Day: Elephant

30. 07. 2021
4rd International Conference Sueneé Universe

Today at 23:57 begins the twenty-second lunar day, the symbol of which is Slon.

Day of Spiritual Insights and Wisdom Lettering

The world reveals its secrets to us and provides the necessary information. Day of Power of Thought and Intensified Intuition. Day of initiation into secret knowledge, sciences and crafts. They may be new or long known but forgotten. Today we can read any message of the universe, encoded in signs and insights. Let us be receptive to what comes from the outside and let us not be afraid of non-standard solutions. Let's find the right information. All creativity today is based on the power of knowledge.

The elephant is a powerful guide, it adds faith, strength, prudence and teaches how to believe in its ancient instincts. The elephant is proficient in the art of navigation and for centuries has followed paths that always safely lead to water and food. Twenty-second lunar day is good with devote to self-education or to the transfer of accumulated knowledge. This is especially necessary because by sharing experience with others we are opening up space for new information.

Today, the abilities for spiritual and creative renewal are increasing. Some of the sources compare this day with the "golden key", in the Eastern tradition it is a day consecrated to Ganesha. During this period, we gain the ability to "read between the lines". The information can come from anywhere, and there are answers to questions that have long worried us.

Today we hold a book that has all the information about our lives, everything about the past, the present and the future, everything we need to realize our intentions and dreams. We look at it and understand what treasure we have in our hands. But there are so many pages in the book that we can't read it in our entire lives. We have to choose the most important thing we need right now and open the book on this page. We can see places, people, other worlds. Let's remember what the book tells us. It is exactly the wisdom that we need at the moment.

Tip from Sueneé Universe

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