Moon: Base on the back side

6 23. 05. 2023
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From Apollo 11's flight to the Moon, various reports and "guaranteed testimony" have appeared from time to time that the other side of our companion serves as a base for extraterrestrial civilization. Supporters of conspiracy theories are clear: “There is definitely something. Wasn't that the reason for stopping human crew flights to the Moon? Why didn't we build a permanent base there? It would be much more logical than having a station in orbit without any access to raw materials and supplies. "

There were reports that the first man on the moon, Neil Armstrong, told NASA that the aliens had their base on the far side, telling us to leave our hands away from the moon. Sounds crazy enough, doesn't it? But Milton Cooper's naval intelligence officer confirmed that the alien base on the Moon not only exists, but that the "well-informed circles" register it under the name Luna. There is extensive mining and extraterrestrials on it parked of their vast mother ships, while on Earth they are sending smaller ones flying saucers. The Timothy Good writes about the base of advanced space civilization on the moon in his book Above Top Secret. He says he relies on unverified information, but Neil Armstrong and Edwin Buzz Aldrin who 21. July 1969 entered the first people on the Moon, glimpsed shortly after landing the UFO. During the broadcast, Armstrong announced he was seeing the light coming from one crater. The Management Center asked him for more information, but nothing else could be heard.

Former NASA employee Otto Binder said the connection began to disturb the radio signal, but the communication between the control center and the astronauts was roughly the following:

NASA: What do you see there? Flight control calls Apollo 11 ...

Apollo: These "sweethearts" are huge, sir! God! You wouldn't believe your eyes. I'm telling you, there's another spacecraft on the edge of the back of the crater! They're on the moon watching us!

This interview was to be confirmed in 1979 by former NASA head of communications systems Maurice Chatelain. According to him, Armstrong saw two UFOs on the crater's edge. "There was no secret in NASA,"He said. "But no one talked about it yet.“The Soviets were also aware of the event. "According to our sources, the UFO crew met immediately after landing the module,"Said Dr. Vladimir Azhazha from Moscow University. "Neil Armstrong told the flight control center that they were following two huge mysterious objects that landed near the moon module. But this report was not publicly publicized because NASA was censoring it."Another Soviet scientist, Dr. Alexander Kazancev said that Buzz Aldrin was shooting a UFO from inside the module and continued to shoot after Armstrong came to the surface. Shortly after, as he had taken the first few steps on the lunar surface, the UFO flew off.

Maurice Chatelain also confirmed that the connection with Apollo 11 was severed several times for reasons of confidentiality. "Both Apollo and Gemini crew recorded foreign spacecraft, or UFO, several times. The astronauts have always informed the management center that they have ordered absolute silence,Said Chatelain. "I think it was Walter Schirra aboard Mercury 8, who used the code name Santa Claus as the first of the astronauts for the flying saucers. But this was not the broadest public. But what they knew was clear, as they heard James Lovell from the deck of Apollo 8. As he flew past the opposite side of the Moon, he said so that everyone could hear it: Please note that Santa Claus is here. Although this occurred during Christmas 1968, the hidden meaning of his words was understood by a large number of people,"Chatelain added.

The fact that they really saw the UFO on the Moon, Buzz Aldrin also told Bolivian journalist Eduard Ascarrunz.

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