Extraterrestrial life is nothing unusual

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But it will probably inhabit different star system, very, very far - that's the conclusion of the scientists.

A new study explored how an Earth-like planet would work in a binary star system (a system where some planets in our solar system revolve around two stars.) Only in 87% of cases it turned out that these planets should have a similar inclination to Earth - is considered as one of the prerequisites for a life-friendly climate.

Possible extraterrestrial life

There are plenty of star systems in the universe, which means at least some of them could have favorable conditions for life, although more often we see planets from which we can see two stars. One-star planetary systems, such as the one we live in, seem to be rather rare.

Scientists compared the inclination of Earth and Mars. They found that Thanks our relatively With slight tilt changes, the Earth is a great place to live. Mars has a much more extreme tilt, so the atmosphere is destroyed on its surface.

Then scientists looked in more detail at the possibility of extraterrestrial life in a neighboring system called Alpha Centauri AB - this system is a neighbor of our solar system. It is a binary system consisting of two stars labeled "A" and "B". However, the results were not positive. According to scientists, there is a much greater chance of meeting extraterrestrial life deeper in space. There, scientists find subtle tilt, more similar to those on Earth.

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