MJ-12 and the Secret Government (2.): Extraterrestrial Agreements

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Shows the project MJ-12 proof that they are visiting the Earth aliens and the government knows about it? Let's get a project MJ-12 in more detail...

New president

In 1953, the White House occupied a new man. He was a person accustomed to a structured, personnel-based chain of command. His method of work was the delegation of the powers and competence of committees. He made big decisions, but only if his counselors could not agree. His usual method was to read or listen to several alternatives and then approve one. Those who worked closely with him stated that his favorite comment was "do just what is needed". This man was in the position of Supreme Allied Commander during the war. This post has earned him 5 stars on tattoos. This president was an army general Dwight D. Eisenhower.

During his first year in office (in 1953), at least 10 was discovered by other extraterrestrial crashes, along with 26 dead and 4 live aliens. 4 was found in Arizona, 2 in Texas, 1 in New Mexico, 1 in Louisiana, 1 in Montana, and 1 in South Africa. There have been hundreds of UFO observations.

Eisenhower knew he had to solve the problem of concealing the presence of aliens. He knew he could not uncover the congress. At the beginning of 1953, the new president turned to his friend and colleague at the Nelson Rockefeller Foreign Relations Council, asking for help with this issue. Eisenhower and Rockefeller began to plan the secret structure of an alien control organization that was to be set up within a year. The idea of ​​the birth of MJ-12 was born. Rockefeller's uncle Winthrop Aldrich convinced Eisenhower to become president.

The entire Rockefeller family and Rockefeller's empire firmly supported Eisenhower. When he asked Rockefeller for help with the extraterrestrial problem, it was the biggest mistake Eisenhower did for the future of the United States and, most likely, for all mankind. Within one week of the election, President Eisenhower appointed Nelson Rockefeller as President of the Presidential Advisory Board for the Government. Rockefeller was responsible for planning a government reorganization. New Deal has reached 1. an independent cabinet called the Ministry of Health, Education and Social Services. When Congress passed the new cabinet composition in April 1953, Nelson Rockefeller was appointed Vice-Chairman and 1. the Cabinet Secretary was Oveta Culp-Hobby.

Contact with aliens

In 1953, astronomers discovered large objects in the universe that were moving toward Earth. First, they were believed to be asteroids. Later evidence has shown that objects can be spaceships. The Sigma project captured foreign radio communications. When objects reached Earth, they docked in a very high orbit. It was a few big ships and their real purpose was unknown. The Sigma project and the new Plato project, through radio communications, and using the computer's binary language, were able to provide a landing that resulted in direct contact with strange creatures from another planet. The Plato project has been entrusted with the creation of diplomatic relations with this extraterrestrial race.

Meanwhile, the representatives of beings who looked like people joined with the US government. (Editor's note: Probably they were representatives of the so-called Galactic Confederation.) This group has warned us of aliens who orbit the equator and offered to help us with our spiritual development. They asked us, to dismantle and destroy nuclear weapons, as the main condition of cooperation. They refused to give us their technology when they said we were spiritually unable to handle our technology that we had at that time. They believed that if we use any new technology, we could destroy each other. This race has said that we are now on the road to self-destruction and must stop killing, pollute the Earth, destroy the Earth's natural resources and learn to live in harmony.

Condition of disarmament?

Condition of disarmament? It was believed that fulfilling this condition would deprive us of the opportunity to face an apparent extraterrestrial threat. We have not yet met anything in our history that could help us make our decision. Nuclear disarmament was not considered to be the best solution in the interest of the United States. Aliens' suggestions have therefore been rejected.

Later, in 1954, the race landed big gray aliens, who orbited the Earth at the base of the US Air Force Holloman. Here the agreements were reached. This race was identified as originating from a planet orbiting a red star in the constellation Orion, which we call Betelgeuse. They said their planet died, and that they would no longer be able to live there in the future. This led to a second landing at Edwards Air Base. The historical event was scheduled in advance and details were agreed in the extraterrestrial treaty and the US. President Eisenhower arranged to be on vacation in Palm Springs. On the appointed day, the President was taken off to the base and the press got an excuse to visit the dentist.

Extraterrestrials and a formal contract

President Eisenhower met with aliens and a formal agreement was signed between the alien race and the United States of America. Then we accepted their first ambassador from the universe. His name and title were: "His all-powerful Krill". In the American tradition, despising the royal titles was secretly called "The First Host Krill". You should know that the alien flag, known as the "Trilateral Insignia", is displayed on their ship and wears it on uniforms. Both of these landings were filmed. These films still exist

The Treaty provided:

1) Aliens should not interfere with our affairs and we will not interfere with theirs. We should keep their presence on Earth as a secret. They would give us modern technology and help us in technological development. They would not make any other covenant with another earthly nation.

2) They could be hijacked on a limited and regular basis for a medical examination and tracking of our development, with people not being harmed and returning to the place of their abduction, people will not remember this event, and extraterrestrials will provide MJ-12 a list of all contacts with people and a list of abducted.

3) It has been agreed that each state will receive the ambassador of the other party for as long as the treaty remains in force. It was further agreed that aliens and the United States exchanged 16 experts for the purpose of their education.

Underground bases

Aliens would remain on Earth, and the envoys of humanity would travel to the alien planet for a certain period of time, after their return there would be a reversed exchange. It was also agreed that the bases would be built underground, for use by a foreign race, and that two bases would be established for the joint use of aliens and the United States government. The exchange of technology would take place in the shared base. Extraterrestrial bases would be built under the Indian Reserve in four corners of the area in the states of Utah, New Mexico, Arizona and Colorado and one would be built in Nevada in the area known as S-4, located approximately 7 kilometers south of the western border of 51 .

All extraterrestrial bases are under the full control of the Maritime Intelligence Service, and all personnel who work in these complexes will be under their control. Base construction started immediately, but progress was slow until a large amount of money was available in 1957. The work continued according to records in the "Yellow Book".

51 and S-4

A project was launched,REDLIGHT'and experiments and testing of alien ships began. On the Groom Lake area in Nevada, in the middle of a test facility, a state-of-the-art facility was built. It got the code name, DREAMLAND '. The facility was listed under the Navy and the registration of all employees required a "Q" license as well as approval by the executive commander.

That's ironic because the President of the United States was not allowed to visit this place. The extraterrestrial base and technology exchange practically took place in an area known as S-4, which was labeled "The Dark Side of the Moon". (The dark side of the moon.)

The army was entrusted with the creation of a top-secret organization that would protect all projects that are the subject of extraterrestrial studies. This organization became a National Research Organization based in Fort Carson, Colorado. Specific teams trained to provide projects were called DELTA teams. The second project, named SNOWBIRD, was founded to explain any REDLIGHT vessel sightings like experiments with new types of aircraft. These machines were made using conventional technology and appeared several times in the press. The SNOWBIRD project was also used to explain the legitimate observation of alien ships (UFOs) by the public. The project has been very successful and has been continuously registering public observations until the last few years.

Secret financing of projects

The Secret Fund, managed by the White House Military Bureau, has collected many millions of dollars. This fund was used to build more than 75 deep underground facilities. The presidents who asked it were told that the fund would be used in the case of a war to build an underground shelter for the president. For the President, only "something" would be built. Millions of dollars were provided to MJ-12 through the office, and then they were given to construction contractors to build the most terrestrial extraterrestrial bases, as well as the most important DUMB (Deep Underground Military Base) and 2-listed facilities across the country. President Johnson used this fund to build a cinema and the way to his ranch. He had no idea of ​​its purpose.

The secret fund for building the underground floors of the White House was founded in 1957 by President Eisenhower. Funding has been obtained from Congress under the guise of "building and maintaining secret bases where the president could be hiding in a military attack as a presidential emergency." These sites are literally holes in the ground deep enough to withstand the nuclear explosion and equipped with state-of-the-art communications technology. To date, there are more than seventy-five locations in the country that have been built from money from this fund. The Atomic Energy Commission has built at least 22 on other underground bases.

Location? Secretly!

Location and everything associated with these sites has been and is considered to be strictly secret. The money was and is under the control of the White House Military Bureau and is legalized by a huge network that even the most compelling spy or accountants can not reveal. Since 1980, only a few people knew what the money was used for.

Initially, they were representatives of George Mahon of Texas, the Chairman of the Committee on Budgetary Resources and his Subcommittee on Defense, and Deputy Robert Sikes of Florida, Chairman, Subcommittee on Budgetary Resources for Military Structures. Today it is said that the White House spokesman Jim Wright controls the money in Congress, but an initiative to remove it is being developed. At the end of the process, the President, MJ-12, the White House Military Bureau Director and Navy Yard Commander in Washington.

The money was approved by the Financial Finance Committee, which assigned it to the Ministry of Defense as the most important item in the Army Building Program. But the army could not spend it, and in fact, she did not even know what they were intended for. The right to spend money was actually given by US NAVY.

Money was routed to the NAVY Chesapeake Engineering Division, who did not know why it was. Even the commanding officer who was an Admiral did not know what the fund was supposed to use. The only man, the naval commander who was assigned to the Chesapeake Division, but was in fact responsible only to the White House Military Office, knew about the real purpose, amount, and ultimate goal of the mysterious fund.

The Secret Fund

The general secret around the fund meant that almost every trace could disappear, with very few people having it. It has never been and will never be possible to audit these secret money. A large sum of money has been transferred from this seamless fund to a place in Palm Beach, Florida, which belongs to the coastguard Peanut Island. The island is adjacent to the property owned by Joseph Kennedy. It was said that the money was used for landscaping and overall beautification of the site.

Some time ago, a television news channel told about Kennedy's assassination. The Coast Guard officer allegedly transferred the money in a briefcase to Kennedy. Could it be a secret payment for the Kennedy family as compensation for the loss of their son John F. Kennedy? Payments continued in 1967 and then ended. The total amount transferred is not known and nothing is known about the actual use of money.

The paths of Nelson Rockefeller

Meanwhile, Nelson Rockefeller has changed his position again. This time, he received an old CD Jackson's role, named "Special Assistant for Psychological Strategies". With Nelson's appointment, the title changed to "Special Cold War Plenipotentiary." This position has evolved over the years to the same position as Henry Kissinger, led by President Nixon. Officially, he should provide "advice and assistance in developing a better understanding and co-operation among all peoples." The official description was just a security screen because he was the presidential co-ordinator for the intelligence community. In his new role, Rockefeller only referred directly to the President and participated in the government's deliberations, the Foreign Economic Policy Council and the National Security Council, which was the highest authority for government policy making.

Nelson Rockefeller was also given the second important role as head of the secret unit called the "Planning Coordination Group," which was set up under NSC 5412 / 1 in March 1955. This group consisted of various ad hoc members, depending on the subject of the agenda. The basic members of the group were Rockefeller, a representative of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Director of the Central Intelligence Service of the CIA. It was the "3412 Committee" of this special NSC group 5412 / 1 which set out the rules that secret operations are subject to approval by this Executive Committee, whereas in the past these operations were carried out solely on the basis of the Director of the Central Intelligence Service.

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