MJ-12: New research confirms the authenticity of the document!

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In the just published December issue of MUFON, the first detailed analysis of the DIA escaped document on 47 is published, confirming the conclusion that the MJ-12 document is authentic.

(DIA = Defense Intelligence Agency: Defense Intelligence Agency)

DIA - official contact with aliens

The DIA provides a broad insight into the official history of alien contacts with the Earth and illustrates the beginning of the modern UFO era until Nicholas Tesla's radio broadcast in Colorado Springs, which was aimed at aliens, then sent an interstellar ship to verify it. All culminated in UFO crashes, such as Roswell (1947) and Aztec (1948), when formal allied groupings began with diplomats during the reign of President Eisenhower.

Author of the article in MUFON, Dr. Robert Wood, is the most important researcher in the world regarding controversial MJ-12 documents. These are escaped documents related to Operation Majestic-12, which was formally established in September 1947, for managing UFOs and aliens. Former McDonnell-Douglas aviation engineer, whose career lasted for 43 years - Dr. Wood, started the verification and research of these documents in 1995 with his son Ryan. In his article, which called "Forty-seven DIA pages - why should we deal with them?" Wood briefly summarizes the contents of a document leaked from DIA:

MJ-12: Basically, there are five parts of thought content

- 1: MJ-12 Objective, History and Organization

- 2: New details about Roswell from 1947

- 3: Details of the Aztec disaster from 1948

- 4: Short interviews with EBE from Aztec

- 5: The issue of national security or the risk of cultural upheaval in the context of diplomatic and cultural exchanges of information with EBE who visited our world during the 1970s and 1980s.

For a more detailed breakdown of the content of the document, please refer to the previous articles that analyze these documents.

In the DIA document of 1989, Dr. Wood, a number of reasons that point to its authenticity and why it's a mistake, simply dismiss it as many scientists have done in the United States. A detailed analysis of written and spelling mistakes, signatures, references to patents, individuals' opinions, etc., leads to the conclusion that it is only a message dictated by a member of the Majestic-12 group to two recorders who recorded 47 parties whose copies were retained on the DIA microfilm explained Dr. Wood.

This would be in line with MJ-12 (in this case declared as an individual group MJ-1), which dictated a one-time input for a new person, because apparently was not available at the time of this alleged instruction, some of the previous written records. The home page of the DIA document is referred to as the "Preliminary briefing" created by 8's Defense Intelligence Intelligence Agency. January 1989.

Message title

The full title of the report is "Assessment of the Situation and Declaration of the Role of Unidentified Flying Objects", which is intended for the President's Office. The natural assumption is that the report was addressed to President George Bush, the former vice president and winner of the presidential election in 1988. However, by analyzing a single signature appearing on this DIA document, Dr. Wood to conclude that the report was in fact intended for the major astrophysics of MIT, Dr. Philip Morrison.

(MIT = Massachusetts Institute of Technology.)

This is the only signature on the document, and the first question can be whether it was a person who was informed at an early stage or an informant. It seems far more reasonable that it is the signature of the person who is informed. Dr. Morrison began his nuclear physics career as he worked on the Manhattan project and then moved to the field of astrophysics to express his disagreement with developments in the field of nuclear weapons. He has become known from popular books and documentaries dealing with astrophysics and has continued as a professor at MIT. In 1987, Dr. Morrison hosted six-part mini-bands for PBS (Public Broadcasting Service) called "The Ring of Truth", which dealt with a number of astrophysical topics.

Dr. Morrison

There is important evidence that the DIA document was the briefing of the Majestic-12 Group Leader for Dr. Morrison. In his article in MUFON, Dr. Wood states that Dr. Morrison was friends with Carl Sagan, who, as some believe, replaced Dr. Menzel in the Majestic-12 Committee on his retirement or his death in December 1976.

Philip Morrison was a highly respected professor who was Oppenheimer's protector and was most likely familiar with security issues, although there was no evidence. There is, however, evidence that he has been closely associated with Carl Sagan during his career and helped organize a UFO symposium at the end of the Colorado study in Boston.

Top Secret / MAJIC

Menzel was marked in the Eisenhower report as MJ-10. In his book "Top Secret / MAJIC," Stanton Friedman, a veteran of the UFO's scientific research, provides detailed evidence that Dr. Menzel was indeed a member of the Majestic-12 committee, even though he wrote several books that unmasked the UFO phenomenon.

Menzel is the best-known of his popular astronomy books, such as the Guide to the Stars and Planets (1964). Either sooner or sooner after Menzel's death, the Majestic-12 astronomer or astrophysics was looking for it to replace it. The substitute should have a solid scientific position in the field of astronomy or astrophysics, be known to the general public, and, before death, Menzela. Dr. Sagan, with his scientific expertise, as a scientist at the University of Berkeley, where he gained extensive scientific recognition when working on NASA missions to Venus and Mars.

What is most important, his scientific work has come to the attention of Dr. Menzel, who arranged for Sagan to become Assistant at Harvard University in 1963-1968. Sagan then moved to Cornell University after being refused to Harvard, ironically because of the growing popularity of his general approach to science. However, Menzel remained a solid Sagan supporter.

Sagan gained celebrity status through his popular books and documentary films, including the Cosmos Award, which was broadcast on PBS in 1980 and was listened to by 500 millions of people in the 60 countries of the world. If the position in the Majestic-12 board has been reserved for a leading astronomer - astrophysicist who has gained global popularity through educational books and television documentaries and was recommended by the previous holder of the function, then Sagan was a natural replacement for Menzela.

Dr. Morrison and his work

Similarly, in January 1989, when Majestic-12 was looking for a substitute Dr. Sagan, due to his approaching retirement (probably in this position since at least 1976) or for some other reason (Sagan died 20 December 1996), was Dr. Morrison's solid choice, due to his scientific work, broad popularity and previous friendly relationship with Sagan. This is important direct evidence to support the authenticity of the document according to the DIA report. Also, the fact that the 1989 document was merely a briefing dictated by the Majestic-12 group's boss for his new member, who assumed Dr. Sagan's role, meant that so much information had come to the preparation of this document.

The context in which the document was compiled helps to explain significant discrepancies in security features, spelling mistakes, discharging and inserting various documents, etc., as many critics have pointed out.

In his article in MUFON, Dr. Wood has come to the conclusion of the authenticity of this 1989 DIA document, with many convincing reasons, despite many mistakes. Identifying dr. Morrison, as recipient of the report, dr. Wood has provided the means to confirm the authenticity of this document, rather than Vice President Bush. Dr. Morrison was informed as a surrogate Dr. Sagana in the MJ-12 committee due to his retirement as a result of reaching some kind of deadline due to his thirteen or more years of service like MJ-10?

The authenticity of the document

As I mentioned in previous articles supporting the authenticity of the DIA document, its content contains a great deal of information on topics such as 1948 UFO Aztec Crash, diplomatic relations between Eisenhower and aliens, Nelson Tesla's role in launching modern UFO research time the fact that human-looking aliens are friendly and secretly living among people for decades.

Dr. Wood has realized a very valuable public service in verifying the DIA document from 1989, opening the door to a thorough study of its rich content and significant exopolitical consequences.

© Michael E. Salla, Ph.D.

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