Talking Sphinx

3 09. 05. 2022

Are there unexplored chambers under the Sphinx?

Research conducted by the Japanese research team at Waseda University has studied southern and northern areas before the Sphinx paws. He used the ultrasound for research, trying to examine the cavities below the surface.

The conclusion of the investigation was: “A hollow space was found under the surface south of the Sphinx. It is located at a depth of about three meters. We also found evidence that a corridor or canal leads south from the Sphinx. Furthermore, in the underground, they found another channel of similar dimensions. This leads us to believe that there is a tunnel under the Sphinx leading to a north-south direction. "

Near the front paws, Japanese scientists have found another empty space, which is located about 1 to 2 meters below the surface. Further investigation concluded that this cavity is also connected to other corridors throughout the subsoil. They are also convinced that they are not the only cavities and corridors, but that there is a whole complex of them.

They also found evidence that a corridor led from the Sphinx area directly to the Great Pyramid.

Let's look at the diary of the German traveler Johannes Helffrich from 1579: “The first thing we saw was a huge carved head. We walked through the mysterious underground and very narrow corridors in and out. The head is hollow inside! The entrance is further from the Sphinx. The priests seem to have walked through the corridors to the Sphinx's head, from where they spoke to the people. In this way, they wanted to create the illusion that the Sphinx was speaking to people. "

This was recorded about 450 years ago.

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