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3rd International Conference Sueneé Universe

Has dark therapy started on Saturday evening 07.11.2015 sometime after 19: 00 hour and ended a week later on Saturday, 14.11.2015 sometime around 10: 00 in the morning. Throughout my stay I had a very relative idea of ​​time. Thanks to the fact that Monika went to work every day, I guessed whether it was day or night and calculated days. For this reason, there is no longer any time in the records. It was not a matter of verification, and it was not even a point.

Notes during dark therapy

During the whole stay I have made notes on visions and direct personal experiences, which came to me. I always wrote the message with a blind pen, and then handed it over to the Monica through the dark pass-through window. Monica was the first to read them. It was quite symbolic for me. By putting everything out and giving it away, it was as if I surrendered a piece of something that belongs to the past and does not serve me, or what I can surrender to something higher and I do not have to worry whether I will remember it or it I'll forget. It was always a great relief and self-cleansing.

I slept on the mattress I placed on the ground, because I used to sleep as low as possible in the earth and thus be connected with Earth.


The room I was in was a common room with a private bathroom and toilet. The window was out of darkness and the food was passed through a small double-door drawer to keep the room dark. Fresh air in the room is secured through air exchangers, but they do not let light.

Great thanks to the place (beautiful environment, beautiful house), the dark room, Monica and beings that all my time accompanied me on my way through the darkness.

Special thanks to my Allies, who had been with me from the first night until the end of my journey. He held a protective hand over me and led me in the first steps of another lead. He taught me and directed. His favorite and well-aimed phrases were: "Everything is fine. Be calm and open to everything that comes. "

The end of my therapy and a new beginning

We were told with Monica to let me out on Saturday morning to get up early in the morning and welcome to a new day. It was agreed that when the time comes, Monica knocks and then he slowly starts to open the door and let the first tiny beams of light in. My task was to stay still and to spend as much time as I needed for backward adaptation.

I could not determine the hour but I could guess what the day is. So I had a clue when the day of release would take place. I woke up several hours before. I felt time was coming. Still, some images and constellations of the last writing about my childhood were still in my head. I spent the last time in some half-sleep until the eagle knock came, which was a signal to return to reality.

Monica had prepared my way, but I really had a sea of ​​time that I enjoyed as it was.

I gave a lot to cairos. I let go of the visual process in the head, which was very healing and reassuring for me at that moment. Then I started to work with the intent, how will it go on? How to get on the way out, because it was just the few rays of bright daylight, was like cutting into the eye.

I chose a symbolic hatchery that hurried from the blanket beneath which I slept. Then I passed the last time in the bathroom that was safely dark and showering to wash the dust of past days.

All the time I had my eyes closed, because opening them was like dropping the needles into my eyes. Then I just opened the door a little and reached for them where the dark glasses were set for me. I do not wear sunglasses in my life, so this was perhaps the first time since 25 years when I had something like that in my eyes as an absolute necessity.


When the door was almost completely open for me to pass, I hid for the last time in my bed and thanked the place that served me and helped the last week on my way with various corners of past, present and perhaps future worlds. The corners of my soul and past lives. Contacts with beings from elsewhere. With love, humility, great thanks to heart.

I also thanked my Allies for being here for me and helping me on my way.

I slowly went out and met Monica in a friendly hug. "I welcome you back to life"She said with great joy and smile on her face. J It was really nice after such a time to see the earthly living soul and especially the one who was my physical support behind through the delivery window from the other side of the room.

When I walked into a new life, I went out without my glasses only in a loincloth and a T-shirt in a huge garden. I went bosses and like a good lion - a beast of beast (on a T-shirt of wolf), I joyously roared into the world. Whaaaa - although there were no words in it, he felt that: I love the world here.

The grass was cold even though the weather was hot. It's more like mid-November.

After a short pause, we sat together and said that we had time to spend the whole day in the sunshine of the West when I had to go. All the time we can talk to each other about what I want.

And what did we talk about? This is the whole story he would put on a little book ...

If you keep telling me what these people have, you can ask me here in the comments. I'd love to answer your questions. If you think that this is the challenge I have to spend, then with love and humility I recommend shelter at Monika Veselé. You can call or write an SMS: 733-399-006. I will be glad to mention that Sueney is sending you;).

Live 29.6.2018 from 20: 00

A today 29.6.2018 We cordially invite you from 20. hours on a live broadcast with Monika Veselá, which runs a bit behind Prague Retriet for Stays in the dark. Do not hesitate to join us. We look forward to you!

And what are we going to talk about?

Why stay in the dark? What tradition does this ritual come from?

* What does PvT mean?

* Is this method suitable for dealing with personal and health problems?

* Why do people go into the dark most often?

* Suene's memories of PvT experiences in 2015.

Do you experience Dark Therapy?

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10 comments on "My dark therapies at Monika Merry"

  • Martin Horus Martin Horus says:

    Great Suene, welcome among the initiates.

    • Sueneé says:

      That was the first tasting so far. It would take a long time ... :) I'm sure I want to go back there.

      • Martin Horus Martin Horus says:

        Suenei I would like to speak to you after visiting another world .. what about it?

      • Sueneé says:

        Ask us. what i answer…: D

        • Martin Horus Martin Horus says:

          So come the Space Brother with the truth out. My mind is already very open in the virtual market, if you open your nose also wide open, it will help those who are hesitant to go true to the opposite.

          Every time I go through some of the initiation initiations / and that it has been / is pushing me a little bit further. I would sing it in a spiritual spiral to the truth. How do you feel it?

          • Sueneé says:

            I do not know if just sprint, but definitely a stay in the dark allowed me to calm my mind and relax. During that week, I learned a lot of interesting things, and when I was at the end of the trip, I felt I was just starting out.

            Not in vain those who practiced this technique "professionally" were also closed to 40 days. It is said that 40 days is symbolically the time it takes to wander through the Duat…. :) (Buddhists call it different…)

            • Martin Horus Martin Horus says:

              By sprint was meant the process of a normal rigid human state to awaken.

              I will not strain it, and since we are known we will go straight to the core of the matter.

              In recent years I have undergone many initiations and the context of the so-called Egyptian Book of the Dead / Correct Kemt's Name is The Way to the Light / with the Bible after the aforementioned stay in the darkness, among other things, to make two essential questions to mankind.

              Is the Bible what they regard as some? …no it is not.

              Is the story of Jesus Christ true to the way people are served? …no it is not.

              We can discuss the Bible elsewhere on a separate subject, but why do I also mention Jesus?

              When you look closely at here: The last dinner is wall painting from 15. century, the author of which is Leonardo da Vinci. It has been the subject of discussion since the very beginning of the work. The name "Last Supper" is a true expression of reality itself, but in other contexts. I consider this fresco to be a proof that Jesus had been subjected to a few days in the dark, and it was not a dinner before the crucifixion but a stay in the dark. When you look closely at Master Leonard's work, there is everything about the initiation process, every detail / expression of people, the interior of the room / this work is a reminder of this fact.

              Longinus was the one who pierced Jesus with a spear of fate. Then the holy apostle Peter. Other logical indices that invalidate the official version. Everything is different and these lies have changed the course of human history.

              If I leave the factual meaning of this fact left to the people of Leonardo in their works, I am referring to the question of You Suene ... did you feel before the initiation in the Dark like Jesus?

              • Sueneé says:

                I do not know what Jesus was experiencing, but I am basically about 3 hours before entering that dark room he felt it was all okay, that it was complete well-being. Only when it came too close - when I took things and left our apartment, it was only then that I started to think what I was doing for the madness ...: D But I thought it was exactly what I was doing. I need it to be fine in the finals. That I will go through it and meet something that is hidden by the light…

                So, on the one hand, fear and fear. On the other hand, the joy and the expectation of having an open end. I.e. even if there were certain expectations. I tried not to rest on what was coming.

                Although I was slightly grumpy on the third day. as a little child, I still see the stupid in the dark. : D

                Then it started off and a great adventure began. In fact, it just started to work. I understand why some people stay longer than 7 days.

                In you, the Kemet book Path to Light is the process of 40 days. The Tibetan tradition that derives from contemporary dark therapy also works with 40 days as a minimum. 40 days I think the time for Jesus to be in the desert.

                40 days is clearly the time you need to fully adapt to the new conditions. People who are trained in Pranic Nutrition teach that only 21 Day will show whether or not it is a puddle.

                So I recommend to beginners to have at least 7 days and then put a second round on 14 days… and then extend it every year…. or even faster? Does it matter how much man is mad ...? : D

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