MUDr. Elek: Why not vaccinate against flu

27. 04. 2022

Every year in the autumn and winter, when the so-called "flu season" comes and eventually the flu epidemic comes, the vaccination campaign for the flu will begin. In the Czech Republic, through Heger's Health Minister and the mainstream media - for example, on Years in the Czech Republic will succumb to flu up to 2000 people where it stands:

"The main carriers of the infection are children, who also make a large proportion of the patients in the epidemic. It is therefore recommended to vaccinate children from six months to three years. "

Because of the flu and vaccination against her every year we hear the same thing. Finally, it has been shown that the ability to equally present opposing views is not yet sufficiently developed in our mainstream media.

So why not check out the flu in the following video MUDr. Elena, who enjoyed 11. 10. 2012 a few minutes of glory on CT24.

Continuation:  Why do not you vaccinate against the flu

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