MUDr. Jan Šula: About a Flu or a Cheerful Mind, Half Health!

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MUDr. Jan Šula: He graduated in 1985 in Prague at LF UK. Clinical work begins in the Czech Republic and then studies in Switzerland, Italy and Germany. After an orthopedic attestation in 1991, she goes to Canada and then to the USA, where she studies Florida's importance of membrane receptors in the development of autoimmune diseases under Prof. Felixe Kaufmann.

Upon returning to Europe, 1993 continues to collaborate on the development of natural treatments for joint diseases with workplaces in England and Switzerland. For his work he is admitted to 1999 at the Royal Medical Society of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland as the first Czech doctor. The further development of biomodulant medications combines with universities in Scotland and Oxford. Since 2007 has been a member of the Italian Order of Doctors in Naples and the leading immunologist of the Italian company, Ischia Salus. He works internationally as a consultant in 12 countries and is a member of the Oxford Research Institute of Immunology and the Italian Psychoneuroimmunological Society. He lives alternately in Italy and England.

Why does the flu occur mainly in October and November and then in February and March?
The theory of influenza is very much in this period, but I personally lean on the theory of lowering immunity due to a decrease in sunlight, a weakening of the hypothalamus pituitary axis, which gives our T-lymphocytes the command to either resuscitate and fight, or let it be because it's not worth it, and we all get sick.

It is also a change of diet and a certain depression of the fact that it is here again in autumn. In the spring, it is exhaustion and fatigue syndrome, because nature forces people to relax.

But I personally think that if a man succumbs to crowd madness, that all of them have it, I probably will, too, then it really will happen. With careful studies of epidemiological studies, this morbidity is caused largely by the media and media, which are, in turn, a tool for vaccine and vitamin manufacturers to increase sales and create psychosis, which has been going on for decades. A person who lives and thinks healthy, never a flu illness. This is a clear fact, but there is no interest in people being happy and eating oranges and apples, but it is necessary to vaccinate them and to increase the sales of vaccines and immunomodulators twice a year.

How about blood group morbidity? Are they all the same or possibly the most threatened?
Blood groups have studied very carefully both diets and morbidity analysis, but I can clearly say that objectively there is no direct link between influenza and blood group. Rather, there is a connection according to the signs of the zodiac, that is, according to the elemental equilibrium, but all blood groups have the same defense mechanisms. The difference, therefore, is just how each of these blood groups behaves in a confrontation with the mediation of the problem. So if he sucks or ignores him. E.g. group O, which assimilates very well, is perhaps more susceptible, but it depends very much on the type of personality, respectively the sign and the ascendant.

Do people with hematopoietic impairment have greater resistance?
Certainly not, because if they have any damage, it means they are not in balance, and hematopoiesis is one of the basic pillars of defensiveness because the esoteric bone is the soul or the principle of our being, or stem cell formation, which is constantly being renewed. If there is a fault there, then it is latent everywhere and the defense can not be perfect.

Is it possible that psychics have less tendencies to catch the flu?
As I have already said, flu epidemic is always the product of the company, and if the psychotic is more interested in who ever and where he / she kills or rape, he logically does not understand that he is just at the time and place of a flu epidemic, and hence does not even think of it to get sick, so he has no tendency to catch the flu.

Wait - yes or no? Is vaccination effective and can be vaccinated when someone is allergic?
I am basically opposed to any flu vaccination, because someone always dies who does not have to wait for them, and then these side effects are brutal, such as paralysis, multiple sclerosis, psoriasis, rheumatoid arthritis or systemic lupus. Logically, both death and chronic consequences are melting, you will not read it anywhere, and you just have to look for special statistics.

If someone is allergic, then the allergy will only get worse if he does not die of anaphylactic shock, etc. It simply does not matter.

If one strengthens the immune system by a healthy diet, hardening, sports, sauna, how can it get sick?
Simply because it devotes itself to the body and not the mind. Only a strong mind and a strong spirit will prevent the disease. Look at the cases in the concentration camps, nobody was eating it properly, nor was it not, but not only those who believed they would survive. Harmony and purity of the body are a tool for the harmony of the mind. This is very accurately described in Dr. Candance Pert Emotions Molecules, which has clearly demonstrated in the lab how depression and anxiety reduces immunity. If you eat and exercise great and you will be afraid of cancer, you will get it anyway. The flu is the same.

Is it right in autumn and winter to eat citrus fruits that have a high vitamin C content?
Certainly yes, all natural vitamins have greater biocompatibility, and the body weighs them more and consumes them all while the synthetic ones are eliminated. But there are other nutrients like fiber, etc. If I have constipation, I can eat kilograms of oranges and it is less beneficial than half a pound of apples and the proper function of the large intestine.

How do you personally prevent flu?

  1. I do not allow any flu or other pathology.
  2. Every day I take garlic, zinc and selenium as well as betaglucans.
  3. Two hours 5x sports a week - cycling.
  4. Daily I drink 350 in the evening with red wine.
  5. I thank the universe for being so healthy and my immune system so strong.

What, in your opinion, is the most effective prevention?
Clearly cheerful, half health. We all know it, little is practiced.

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