Mummy of Nazca: test results, new findings of elongated skulls

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19. November 2018 released new results of scientific analyzes of so many discussed Nazca mummies. The analysis of these special man-like mummies has been going on for two years and these new results have reaffirmed their authenticity. But the scientific circles continue to ignore these findings on one side, and a "war" campaign against them on the other. The mysterious mummies were allegedly discovered by treasure hunters in an underground tomb in Peru and could be related to equally mysterious Nazca plain patterns. We have informed about this on the site Suenee Universe at the end of the year 2017.

New results of Nazca mummies

The latest test results have now been publicly presented at an official conference in the Peruvian Parliament. Armando Villanueva was the only government representative at the conference. The Ministry of Culture of Peru, which has already "armored and armed" against the results of the analyzes, has again refused an invitation to such a presentation on the grounds that it is a fake and it is unnecessary to disturb the calm of the deceased. Around the world, archaeologists and anthropologists uncover thousands of remains and mummies a year and pass them on to universities for exploration, but nobody cares.

Given that scientific institutions around the world have refused to take part in exploring the findings, amateur researchers have taken up a tremendous amount of work. Again, it was used as an argument that analyzes are not performed according to standard scientific standards, or that it is a "pseudo-science". This is not the case, however, because all the analyzes were conducted at various renowned universities and in different countries - and the DNA can not lie!

Recognition of authenticity can be dangerous!

This was followed by the expansion of the matter in professional circles, and there was a demand for legal action against amateur researchers and journalists involved! By acknowledging authenticity, Nazca mummies could become very dangerous; there is a truly fundamental change in the view of world history and, at the same time, the view of human evolution. Therefore, official scientists cannot confirm their authenticity under any circumstances. However, the research experts have not been intimidated and have presented new results at the conference in the form of a five-hour presentation (currently available only in Spanish). This conference also answered countless questions about a large mummy survey, Marie. Meeting ended with more than one hour of press conferences.

New information shows that there is no direct affinity between the mummies of Nazca and humans, and even the animals on Earth, in terms of genetics! Bones of mummies are lighter than human and can be likened to birds. The joints show their wear and tear. 3D-scans have conclusively proven that they are really authentic creatures like those who actually lived in the millenniums ago! And since these beings are not related to humans, they have to develop independently of man or even of extraterrestrial origin: These are at least the conclusions of the researchers.

Mummies are not imitation

At the same time, it also proves that strange three-finger mummies are no artificial imitation. The research was also attended by Jaime Maussan, the American television portal Gaia TV, several Peruvian doctors, as well as the Ikari Institute, which first introduced the mummy to the public and conducted their analysis. Shortly after the conference, surprisingly another presentation, this time "from the pen" of the official scientist, which claimed that the mummies of Nazca were counterfeit assembled from different parts of human and animal bodies. The originator of the Peruvian Astrobiology Association and Counter-Conferences was at the National University of San Marcos.
The main counter-arguments were that the hole at the point where the spine is reaching the skull has a strange shape in the mummies that it is not comparable to any other animal on Earth, and the structure of its skin is unusual. Small mummies have these different features, and they still have anatomical shortcomings. For example, they have missing collarbone and they could not function properly.

Another problem with small mummies is that the spine is missing between the head and the neck and there are parts of another bone inserted into it; they do not have a moving jaw and their teeth could come from an unnamed small mammal. And yet their bones in some places are not interconnected. These criticized parts of the body do not relate to the great Mary mummy, which has been thoroughly explored, and it has been unequivocally explained that there is no anatomical consensus between human beings and long and triple mummies, and its authenticity has been confirmed by X-rays. State anthropologists, however, claim that their fingers were artificially prolonged by their dorsal bones. According to critics, the mummy's skin is to be made from a mixture of such components as oil, wax, paraffin, paper, plastic, and wood. In addition, there are also metal parts in mummies.

Tests of genetic laboratories

Two groups of scientists who put forward their arguments have never met and never talked about their findings. While the state experts were invited to the Gaia TV show, they did not appear. By contrast, various test results from genetic laboratories have been presented in the Peruvian Parliament to show that the samples are authentic and do not come from humans or from any known animal living on Earth. All known species are contained in the genetic database! DNA cannot lie and cannot be falsified! Therefore, there can be no talk of pseudoscience, because all the different genetic laboratories have given the same results. In addition, tests in all laboratories have been repeated several times to avoid any errors. So it is highly questionable that a large mummy, Marie, could be assembled from different parts and bones.

The opposite is true: such a way of manipulating the skeleton takes place in established and settled science, so that the theories of evolution can continue to be proved! An example is Piltdown or the alleged Archaeoraptor Unlike these scams, the results of mummies tests from Nazca are absolutely conclusive! In addition, a five-hour presentation at the Peruvian Parliament provided further evidence of the authenticity of Mary, ignored by the professional circles.

Desert Atacama

There are other reasons why not to question the authenticity of mummies. The Atacama desert, stretching from the south of Peru to the north of Chile, is the most inhabited and least inhabited desert in the world. According to NASA studies there are annual rainfall around 1 mm and in many places it has not rained until 400 years. And in the middle of the desert probably never again! Temperatures are moving between 40o and 5o degrees at night, so there is such a drought that no humans can live there. Still, the oldest human mummies in the world come from the Atacama Peruvian Desert because the dry climate can preserve them perfectly! Many thousands of years ago, there had to be lost civilizations that had apparently perished as a result of a natural disaster.

Friedrich Max Uhle

The German archaeologist Friedrich Max Uhle (1856-1944) at the beginning of the last century surveyed several areas of South America and was the first archeologist to scientifically describe the mummy of culture Chinchoro This tribe mainly devoted to fishing and hunting and lived in southern Peru over roughly 3500 - 9000 flights. Therefore, the Peruvian mummy is several thousand years older than the Egyptian mummy! These are the oldest known findings of artificially mummified people who are at least 2000 years older than the Egyptian mummies. Here, however, is the question of where the mummification method originates and why has it really been done to preserve human remains? The oldest, so far discovered, Peruvian mummy reaches the age of nearly 9040 years!

It is also special that the Chinchoro culture apparently lacks the social hierarchy in the form that we can find in other civilizations of antiquity. So how did it exist for several millennia? Archaeologists and anthropologists have not found the answer yet, and so there are still ongoing research on this area. Many South American cultures worshiped gods from the heavens, elbows and red or blonde hair whose characters were the rulers of many of these ancient cultures, the so-called elbows and the people of Viracoch! The small humanoid mummies found in this desert in 2003 were the origins of the disputes and eventually confirmed that they are not the remains of ordinary people because many experts have shown that the opposite is true and a new scientific study.

Old civilization

Another archeological Findings They revealed that in this most arid desert of the world, there was a truly blooming civilization before 2500 - 5000. There were discovered the ruins of two cities in oases that still had enough water to secure people, animals and even agriculture. The first city was about. 3200 years and second 5000; it was also the center of faith and related ceremonies, where there were probably no permanent residents. The center, which was dedicated to faith, was founded far before the later housing estates, and the two sites were only a mile apart. However, archaeologists do not know who or what was worshiped, no written testimony is available. New findings have recently been published in studii Cambridge University. Gold objects from the Amazon and from the Pacific Ocean were discovered in local graves. Which would mean that the Činčoro culture was in contact with distant ancient civilizations?

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