The myth of Jellyfish in the modern world

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One of the most frightening characters found in mythology is Medusa, the best known of the three sisters known as the Gorgons. Jellyfish appears for the first time in the writings of Hedi, precisely in the work entitled On the Origin of the Gods, which tells the story of three sisters - Sthenó, Euryalé and Jellyfish, who were daughters of Forks and Keta who said they would live at the very end of the world the famous Ocean.

Although Hesiod writes about the origins of Medusa and her death in the hands of Perseus, surprisingly, he does not give us any further details and leaves us dependent on Ovid's Metamorphoses, notes Ancient Origins. According to Ovid, Jellyfish was a beautiful girl. It was so beautiful that Poseidon had lured her to Athens's shrine and cursed her there. But Athena didn't like it, so she turned Medusa's hair into snakes and made sure that every man who looked into her eyes turned into stone.

“In the middle of the picture, you can see Jellyfish, a huge monster whose snake bodies slowly turn into a hissing mouth; their eyes staring ominously, and under her chin the snakes get tangled again. ”

Perseus to the rescue

Eventually, Perseus killed and destroyed the Jellyfish. But hand on heart, he had some advantages over others. He was the son of Zeus, and his efforts were helped by the gods. Hades gave him a cap of invisibility, which comes in handy when you just need to sneak around Gorgon. He got winged sandals from Hermes that are better than those without wings. He also got a sword from Hephaestus. But perhaps the most important thing was the shield he got directly from Athens, which made him virtually invincible.

While studying mythology at school, they give us a basic outline of who Medusa was and how it was eventually destroyed, but there are a few other details that you may not have known about and which make Medusa even more frightening. For example:

  • When the blood from the head of Medusa dripped onto the plains of Libya, each drop became a poisonous snake.
  • During a meeting with the Titan Atlas, Perseus used the severed head of Medusa to turn Atlas into a mountain.

Head Of Jellyfish

Persistent myth of Jellyfish

We still know this myth, it is still narrated, it is still one of the myths found in textbooks. The head of the Jellyfish is also of great importance in today's world. Her depiction is used as protective amuletthat protects us from all evil. An explanation may also be that the name Medusa comes from the ancient Greek verb protect, guard.

You can see the medusa head on many Greek and Roman artifacts, such as shields, armor and mosaics.

The head of the Jellyfish is even used by the well-known Italian fashion company. The legacy of the Jellyfish remains so.


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