Myths about Hopi Americans and their connection with the Anunnaki

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The more we look at old texts and stories from around the world, the more surprising patterns we see. Some bite their eyes so much that they become the object of our ignorance. One such example is the Hopi tribe - the Hopi are native to southwest America. They are even referred to as the oldest people by other indigenous tribes in America.

Creatures that came from the stars

Ancient civilizations are often associated with ancient Sumerian texts on Anunnaki. There is nothing to discover that these civilizations believed in different deities. Their faith was related to extraterrestrial beings that came from the stars.

It was often believed that these beings would return one day. Ancient animals have often been depicted in ancient art. These animals were symbolic of the faith of these civilizations. The Hopi worship ants, just as the Egyptians and Sumerians honored cows.

Let us now look at the metaphors of these animals. The cows could express the Milky Way, the Hopi ants supposedly express beings that came from the stars.

Direct link to Anunnaki

The word for ants or ant friends is in the Hopi Anu Sinom, creating a direct reference to the Anunnaki. It is certainly not a coincidence, because the Babylonian god of the sky was named Anu - and that is the word for ants in the Hopi. Naki is a word that could be translated as friends.

Thus, in the case of the Hopi, Anu-Naki translates to the word ant, or the translation of ant friends can be used. Although the Anu-Naki are described as extraterrestrial beings, according to the Hopi, these ants came from the depths of the underground.

Another word that is important to mention is a statue, which means a star. In Egyptian, the word sculpture means the stars of Orion. As you know, this is a constellation that can be seen all over the world. Orion ancient astronomers and other constellations such as the Pleiades have been watching since time immemorial. It is certainly not a coincidence that observing them cannot escape the arrangement of stars with pyramids and other ancient buildings.

Ants as mythical savior

In the Hopi legends, ants are referred to as savers. The Hopi civilization was supposedly taken underground, where they taught them to survive catastrophic disasters, and so it really did. Suddenly, we are once again opening stories of a huge flood, such as the flood described in the Sumerian texts and the Bible.

According to legend, the Hopi managed to survive underground, where ants taught them to grow food, work with little water, and build houses in rocks. They gained valuable knowledge of stars and mathematics, which then served to build and dawn a new civilization.

Real ancient anthill

As it was safe to return to the surface, the Hopi built an incredibly complex city structure, which from the top could seem like a huge anthill. The structure of the city hid Kivas - the Hopi is a word for round ceremonial rooms in the underground, which led ladders from the surface. Exactly such a city is located in the Chaco Canyon - a sixteen-kilometer canyon, located in the northwest corner of New Mexico.

Stories about underground beings are spread all over the world. According to the Hopi, their savior helped them at their own expense.

DNA findings in the Chaco Canyon indicate a possible maternal dynasty that has ruled for hundreds of years (800 - 1250 AD). In 2017 he wrote a portal about it Scientific American after scientists explored 14 human remains in the burial crypt. The remains are exhibited in the Natural History Museum in New York.

The city of Chaco Canyon was faced with an unknown tragedy that made its inhabitants disappear. There were about a thousand Anasazi in the city. The Anasazi believed in protecting Mother Earth. There was integration with the Hopi and Zuni tribes and others.

Scientists today believe that the city's inhabitants have been driven by climate change, while the population has failed to sustain a growing population. We can also take a lot from this. It is possible that our civilization is heading for the very same disaster. In these stories we can find valuable events and stories, but from them we can inspire or interpret them as a warning.

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    “Direct knowledge of the hyperborean civilization that once existed on Earth. From it came all planetary mankind. It is the area of ​​the Arctic, where the Slavs came first - Russians, Persians, Sumerians. These are all traces of Arctic civilization. India has been strongly influenced by this civilization, including language, because in India the basic language is Sanskrit. The entire coast of the Arctic Ocean also speaks Sanskrit-based languages. So far everything is stored. The whole planetary civilization has its origin in a northern country called Hyperborea. But Hyperborea is more of an archetype, some plan, but in the earthly incarnation it was the Arctic. ”

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