NASA is preparing Earth for contact with aliens

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A few months ago, top American astronomers met before the US Congress to make it clear that they believed in the universe we are not alone. Their main argument was that it is not possible to find none among the trillions of stars (each fifth of which looks like the Earth and, moreover, it does not have to look habitable).

Top astronomers and their opinions

Seth Shostak, Astronomer, SETI Institute, California:

"The number of inhabited worlds in our galaxy is certainly at least tens of billions, and we do not mention the moon. The number of visible galaxies different from ours is around 100 billion. "

Thus NASA in cooperation with Congress organized a two-day symposium for scientists, theologians, philosophers, and historians to agree on how to prepare Earth for contact with aliens, be it microbial organisms or intelligent beings.

Steven J. Dick, former head of NASA historians, one of the symposium organizers:

"We consider all possible scenarios. We want to prepare the public for the fact that we can find life, whether they be microbial organisms or intelligent beings. "

One of the theologians, Brother Guy Consolmagno, President of the Vatican Observatory, said:

"I believe aliens exist, but I have no proof. I really look forward to seeing such evidence, because it will deepen my faith to such an extent as I can not imagine. "

He appeals to the public not to be surprised when such a discovery occurs because it will happen once. The Vatican is very open to the idea of ​​intelligent extraterrestrial life.

Earth is not the center of the universe, we are not in ourselves.

It is good to see how the mainstream gathers information and discusses the possibility of extraterrestrial existence, and it is even better to know that people are interested in things that are kept secret.

Do we have extraterrestrials here?

In the US, more than half the population thinks we are not alone in the universe, while only 17% does not believe it. 25% of Americans then think that intelligent beings have already visited our planet.

Dr. Edgar Mitchell, astronaut Apolla 14:

"I know extraterrestrial beings have visited our planet. Both ships and bodies were found. "

People start thinking differently, wondering what is in the world around them, using critical thinking and searching for information.

And they find that we are not alone in the universe.

1. The size of the universe

How often do you think about how many stars, planets, and galaxies are actually looking at the night sky? The universe fascinates perhaps everyone from scientists to musicians. Why does it attract our attention?

Counting stars is as impossible as counting grains of sand. Only the estimated number of galaxies is somewhere between 100 - 200 billion. Now imagine how many stars each have to contain! Scientists believe that, at least in the Milky Way, there are billions of Earth-like planets over 10. Because of these numbers in space, we can not be alone!

2. Informers

Over the last couple of years a lot of informers have appeared, who have published quite interesting findings. Bradley Manning, Edward Snowden, or Julian Assange gained the most attention, but there are many more. And they are the recognized aces in their field. It's a scientist, but maybe an astronaut.

Let's give you some example, Dr. Brian O'leary, former NASA astronaut and professor of physics at Princeton:

"There is evidence that we have been contacted by another civilization that has been watching us for a very long time. The appearance of these aliens is very strange. They use a lot of advanced technology. "

Gordon Cooper, a former NASA astronaut, one of the seven original astronauts of the Mercury project (the first US space program)

"I think they were afraid to publish such information for what it would do to the public. And so they invented a lie, and they had to support another lie, and now they do not know how to get out of it. A lot of space ships are circling around our planet. "

And so we could continue for a long time.

3. Evidence of UFOs

Over the past few years, dozens of governments have admitted that they have also redeployed finance to research the UFO phenomenon. E.g. Canada has recently admitted that UFO has been tracking and investigating for several years. 1000 documents on these investigations are now officially available to the public. A lot of other UFO documents have been published and are available on the Internet.

4. Attention of mainstream media

Perhaps every other film that is currently in the cinema has something to do with extraterrestrial intelligence. We are literally bombarded with this type of information, so it's hard to see what most people think. The UFO is generally a subject of mainstream interest, but unfortunately the media is ridiculing the subject rather than grasping it and investigating it.

5. Personal experience

There are millions of people who claim to have met the aliens. This, of course, is of interest to the public. In general, we are fascinated by something unknown, especially when it comes to the universe.

Neuroscience can already explain what's going on with the brain during meditation, but we knew it was beneficial to us before. Does the same thing apply to the universe? Is it something we know as well and deep inside? Something we do not need to prove? (Although evidence already exists.)


A few years ago, the question was, "Is there a UFO?" Today it is answered and it is rather a question of whether it is a space ship.

There is nothing to fear, in my opinion we live in the presence of extraterrestrial civilizations from the very beginning. And maybe we'll be with them one day in day-to-day contact, just like our ancestral ancestors. Who knows.

Perhaps there are groups that are worried about our planet and come here to help us with change.

I firmly believe this is the case, and that these groups are good. Maybe we'll meet them soon ...

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  • levican says:

    the extraterrestrials are here, they are between us ... they are under ground above the earth, absolutely absolutely ... the secrecy of these things is at a huge level (the US president himself has the degree of secrecy secret crypto 17 and that is their 28 level) nor he knows everything ... but the truth it's so from here ... for years and their technologies are used daily and we do not even know about it ... not to mention the technique of having army ... reverse engineering in full swing ... Hitler had his fingers in alien communication and let it sound any scifi ... on the moon on the mars and on every planet of sunny wind .... of course, the public is something like an ant ... we are the last ones and we are at the top of the food chain ... you do not know about it? and this is how can it ??

  • S. S. says:

    Again the same technical comment:
    American billion is translated into Czech as a billion.

    "The number of habitable worlds in our galaxy is certainly in the tens of billions, minimum, and we have not even talked about the moons. And the number of galaxies we can see, other than our own, is about 100 billion "

    It is not

    "The number of the inhabited worlds in our galaxy is certainly in the order of trillions, not to mention the moons or billions of galaxies in the universe."


    "The number of inhabited worlds in our galaxy is certainly at least tens of billions, and we do not mention the moon. The number of visible galaxies different from ours is around 100 billion "

    • Sueneé says:

      This time I'm innocent. I borrowed the translation from the source site. But I'll fix it for you. ;)

      • S. S. says:

        Dik. This is better (although somebody else might have translated it more elegantly)
        I checked it only against the first English reference.

        Please still try to separate 3. and 4. Chapters that are stuck (already on the Czech site you are copying from).

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