The most famous UFO sighting in history

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UFO is not new. For thousands of years, people have been describing unidentified flying objects in the sky. They are usually disc-shaped. They are already described by the ancient Sumerians, Egyptians, Greeks and Romans. The following 7 observations had a large audience, do you know them?

Kenneth Arnold, Xnumx

While flying his small plane near Washington to Mount Rainier 24. June 1947 Arnold claimed to have seen nine blue, glowing objects fly very fast in the "V" formation - estimating 1700 miles per hour.

At first he thought the objects were a new type of military aircraft, but the army refuted any testing of a new type of aircraft near the area. When Arnold described the shape and movement of an object (a plate that seemed to flutter on the water), the media created the now familiar term: a flying plate.

Pilots EJ Smith, Kenneth Arnold and Ralph E. Stevens look at a photo of an unidentified flying object

Soon more UFO sighting reports appeared in the region. The government never offered a reasonable explanation, it began to argue that Arnold had hallucinations. But only a few weeks later everything was different.

Roswell, Xnumx

The most famous UFO sighting. In the summer of 1947, William "Mac" Brazel discovered mysterious debris on one of his New Mexico pastures, including metal poles, plastic pieces, and unusual scraps of paper. After Brazel reported his findings, members of the military base took evidence. News headlines claimed that a flying saucer crashed in Roswell, the government explained that it was a downed meteorological balloon.

Since then, supporters of this theory have been trying to prove that the wreckage really comes from an alien ship. As it turned out, the government was really hiding something - but they were not aliens. The crashed balloon wasn't really an ordinary balloon, but was part of the top-secret Mogul project. Part of this project was the launch of the balloons to a high altitude. Balloons were carrying equipment to detect Soviet nuclear tests.

In 1997, the Air Force provided 231 with a page report on the Roswell case termination. The mystery was thus revealed. Yet the attention of the people has grown and people believe that the explanation of the government is not entirely based on truth. The city houses the Museum of International and Research UFO Observation.

Lubbock Lights, 1951

Evening 25. August 1951 three Texas Tech professors were enjoying a quiet evening outside in Lubbock when they suddenly saw a high-speed semicircle flying at high speed. Carl Hart Jr. he even photographed the so-called Lubbock Lights phenomenon. Photos have been published in newspapers across the country.

"Lubbock Lights", photographed in Lubbock, Texas, by 19-year-old Carl Hart, Jr. in 1951.

The UFO Air Force investigation concluded that gentlemen saw birds reflecting the luminescence of light from the new Lubbock street lamps. But many people do not believe this explanation and claim that the lights flew too fast.

Levelland, Xnumx

In 1957, dozens of citizens reported missile sightings or strange light that had broken their car. Mostly the engine stopped working. Again, everything was investigated by aviation with its Blue Book project, and what was the outcome of the investigation? Ball lightning or electric storm. Which would theoretically be possible only if there was no clear sky without storms that night.

That's what people in Levelland saw

Tehran, 1976

19. September 1976 reported a bright object in the sky. The F-4 was sent to explore. The first aircraft was forced to return because the control tools became black and stopped working as they approached the object. The pilot of the second aircraft, according to his claims, saw a glowing object (probably a missile?) Launched directly to him. He was ready to fight, at which point he also turned off all his controls. He safely returned to the ground.

Iranian F-4 fighters

After the incident, Iran contacted the US. She explained the situation as follows. The bright light in the sky might have been Jupiter — he was clearly visible that night. F-4 had a long history of technical problems, which meant it could fail regardless of UFOs. And the UFO rocket? There was a meteor shower in the sky that night, so the pilot was seeing a meteorite rather than a UFO rocket.

Rendlesham Forest, Xnumx

In December, 1980 members of the US Air Force at two British Royal Airbases, Woodbridge and Bentwaters, reported that they saw strange colored lights around Rendlesham Forest, about 100 km northeast of London. One man claimed he had discovered some kind of spaceship there. The next day, other people confirmed damage to surrounding trees and higher radiation in the area. A few days later, further observations were reported.

Lieutenant Charles Halt recorded his observations on tape, and although this is not definitive evidence, theorists consider it the strongest evidence of events. However, the British Department of Defense did not continue with further investigations. As in Roswell, UFO tourism predominates in the Rendlesham Forest. There is also an official UFO trail with a model of a reported spacecraft.

Belgian wool, 1989 – 1990

At the end of November, 1989 said Belgian citizens said a large triangular UFO was floating in the sky. But beyond the visual observations, no evidence of UFOs was found.

Flying triangle in Belgium in 1990

A few months later, in March 1990, further observations were reported, confirmed by two military ground radar stations. Two F-16s were sent, but the UFOs were moving so fast they couldn't keep up. The Belgian Air Force had no logical explanation for this activity, but recognized that there was unknown activity in the air. The Belgians turned to the British Department of Defense to investigate. It found that the incident was not hostile or aggressive, so the investigation stopped.

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