Unfortunate Friday 13. - Is it just a superstition?

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If you ask anyone if they believe in superstitions, they will probably tell you that of course not. But superstition about Friday 13. is one of the most widespread. Most of the time people consider this day unlucky. Every day we encounter this day several times. So why are people so superstitious?

Friday 13.

No one really knows where and when this phobia from Friday 13 was created. Since 1800, there have been many theories and hypotheses.

Jesus was crucified on Friday

  • According to some reports, everything has begun Norwegian mythologywhen 13. Guest Loki interrupted and destroyed the sacred dinner.
  • Another superstition is that Friday 13. dates back to Last supperwhen Judas, the uninvited 13.host and the apostle, joined dinner. Today Christians celebrate Good Friday.
  • Another of the terrariums is based on Day of Execution of Jesus Christ.
  • Friday was later generally recognized as day of executions.
  • Some explanations are looking for the fact that just Friday Eve tried Adam with an apple.
  • Friday was also the day Cain killed Abel.

Gradually, people became more and more subject to this superstition. 13.patro was deliberately omitted in high-rise buildings. Some airports also skip gate 13. Houses are called 13 12 / 1 instead of 2. President Roosevelt also believed in the myth of the 13 number, inviting 12 or 14 people to dinner. Definitely not 13.

Friday 13.

And what about the movie Alive, in which the plane crashes into the Andes. Only a few individuals who are forced to feed on human flesh survive. This film is also inspired by a real event. It happened on Friday 13. October 1972. Chance?

What Friday 13. still waiting for us?

If the month starts on Sunday, you are guaranteed to be Friday 13. dočkáte. Friday 13. we had 2019 here in September, another one is expected in 2019 in December. It's exactly 13 weeks in a row. And in the next 13 weeks we will have another 13 Friday. - this time 13. March 2020.

Friday 13.

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