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The most important of all clandestine organizations anchored in US government agencies is the one contained in the National Security Council (NSC). The NSC was founded in 1947 by President Truman and its function was to coordinate the policy recommendations of various government, military and intelligence communities, into a coherent set of policy recommendations from which presidents can choose.

This NSC coordination function is generally replicated in a secret organization embedded in the NSC, known as Majestic-12, which was based on a document signed by President Truman in 1947. Truman created it as a presidential political coordination committee for the presence of aliens, MJ-12 was formally incorporated into the NSC in 1954, with the task of creating a parent organization in which MJ-12 would be embedded.

The official version regarding this part of the NSC history is as follows

In 1954, the NSC set up the 5412 unit and provided for the establishment of a section of appointed representatives of the President, State Secretaries and Ministry of Defense representatives who meet regularly to review and recommend secret operations. Gordon Gray assumed chairmanship of the 5412 Committee, as it was called, and all NSAs then chaired similar successor committees, differently named as "303", "40", "Special Coordination Committee", which was in charge of the later presidential administration to review secret CIA operations.

The 5412 Committee included a subcommittee called PI 40 to coordinate information from all other ETU-based classified organizations in order to develop a coherent set of policy choices for PI-40. Secret organizations embedded in other organizations, such as the Council of Foreign Affairs, provide the best staff and resources for recruitment and policy discussions at PI 40. In describing the initial composition of MJ-12, William Cooper took note of his dependence on the Foreign Relations Council, which he described as "wise men":

Foreign Relations Council

These "wise men" were key members of the Foreign Relations Council. Twelve members, including the first 6 from government positions, were members of this group, which over the years consisted of senior officials and directors of the Foreign Relations Council and later the Trilateral Commission. Among them were Gordon Dean, George Bush and Zbigniew Brzezinski. The most important and influential "wise men" who served MJ-12 were John McCloy, Robert Lovett, Averell Harriman, Charles Bohlen, George Kennan, and Dean Acheson. Their policy was to last for a decade of 70. flight. It is important that President Eisenhower and the first 6 members of MJ-12 from the government were also members of the Foreign Relations Council.

In theory, PI 40 should be at the forefront of power in the presence of ET, which uses the best minds for a coordinated response to ET presence. In fact, due to bureaucratic resistance, separate agendas and "rogue individuals", various secret organizations are reluctant to share information that might jeopardize their power, resources, or influence. This is documented in Dr. Nudes about how a secret organization that was a member refuses to share their most important information with the NSA's parent organization. As you can imagine, these problems are increasing even more globally when major secret organizations at national level meet to discuss and coordinate a global policy on ET's presence.

According to the "whistleblower", the secret Bildeberg Group meets annually to explicitly coordinate national policies regarding the presence of ET. This statement is given a more intimate role played by Nelson Rockefeller at the opening of the annual Bilderberg Group meetings. In 1954, President Eisenhower named Rockefeller his special Cold War planning assistant, this position officially included monitoring and approving CIA secret operations. This was a mere excuse for Rockefeller's true role in the management of US foreign policy, following a "secret treaty" that had previously been discussed between the Zetas race and the US government.

Rockefeller's main concern was to design, implement and monitor large-scale military and intelligence programs created in response to ET's presence in general, and a formal ET race with Zeta Reticuli. Rockefeller played a key "coordinating" role in the classified organization embedded in the National Security Council - Majestic 12. At the annual Bilderberg meeting, Rockefeller would play a similar role in ensuring that the various national governments in the Western bloc coordinate their resources to address the challenges posed by the Warsaw Pact and the presence of the ET.

Secret organizations cooperate minimally

While secret organizations should theoretically function in a similar way to their parent, coordinating and sharing resources, for the overriding goal of protecting US national security, the truth is that these secret organizations only work to a minimum. Their cooperation is limited by the perception of competition with no effect in terms of influence, prestige and resources.

For example, secret military, naval and air force organizations working to integrate ET technology into weapon systems will compete with what systems deserve funding and the perception of the threats that justify it. Contrary to the intense debate on conventional weapons on the public scene, the debate on acquisitions and the deployment of ET technology is highly confidential. The rugged nature of these organizations, their security classification, which puts them beyond congressional oversight of standard government institutions, contacts with ET races and their technologies, makes these secret organizations the main targets for ET infiltration.

ET infiltration into secret organizations

Infiltration into secret organizations is done through technology exchange and development programs, using intelligence gathering techniques that allegedly help these secret organizations to fulfill their specific functions, but in fact make them vulnerable to ET infiltration.

One common technology used by these organizations, which is highly questionable in terms of the extent to which ET infiltration permits, is the "Brain Enhancement" technology, which, according to Dr. Wolf allows the use of a considerably increased percentage of the brain so that people can mentally engage in telepathic information exchange with extraterrestrials. The method involves a way to affect the brain, and how to stimulate neurons. It allows billions of synapses to be created.

According to Dr. Wolf, who had undergone the mental improvement process, had his IQ raised from 141 to 186. Similarly, Dr. Neruda describes the brain enhancement technology used in the secret organization "Labyrinth", embedded in the NSA, in the expectation that everyone will achieve a sufficiently high security classification when asked to do this.

Al Bielak, a participant in the infamous Montauk program, run by the US Navy, has also reported on the use of brain enhancement technology by the NSA. Rather than merely increasing IQ and brain capacity, this technology raises serious concerns about its ability to program recipients in cognitive and behavioral patterns that support ET's influence and infiltration into spheres with the highest political influence.

As a result of these numerous clandestine organizations with diverse functions and collaboration with ET technologies, this contributes to a high level of mistrust and competition among US secret organizations, which, while superficially co-operating, are suspicious to the extent that ET infiltration with partner organizations.

Philip Corso

This problem of ET infiltration is mentioned in Colonel Philip Corso's analysis of US-CIA relations and intelligence services from other countries:

"The CIA, the KGB, the British Secret Service and many other foreign intelligence agencies have been loyal to themselves, their core professions, and their governments. Spy organizations like the CIA and the KGB tend to exist only to protect themselves, and therefore neither the US military nor the Russian army trusts them… .CIA penetrates the KGB and what constituted their joint espionage for the army was the fact that we accepted in 50. and 60. years… ”

While Corso was referring to the Cold War struggles, his book "Day after Roswell" implicitly suggested that this problem of infiltration also involved ET's interaction with various secret organizations. The revealing factor in Cors' comments is that institutional culture plays a role in how a secret organization can be infiltrated by different factions and subgroups of ET.

Cabal Group

Different sectors of the US military emphasize loyalty, discipline, hierarchical decision-making, and weapon development, making them vulnerable to ET races that share these values. It is therefore likely that the "good shepherd" reptilian subgroups that were known to share these military cultures are likely to have penetrated various sectors of the US military. Such infiltration should be reflected in the extremely aggressive behavior of the US military sector, against the Grays race with Zeta Reticuli. The fact that such penetration has taken place is evidenced by Dr. Wolf in Dr. Richard Boylan about the band he calls "Cabal."

Wolf described this conspiracy group "The Cabal" as an alliance of extremist, fundamentalist, xenophobic, racist, and paranoid officers who fear and hate aliens. Without any permission from the President or Congress, Cabal took control of Star Wars weapons to shoot down UFOs, take survivors for extraterrestrial prisoners, and try to obtain information from them by force.

Confirming that a secret war, using high-tech technology, is being conducted by US Army sections against Zetas, comes from Colonel Steve Wilson, a high-ranking officer who claims to have led a secret project (Pounce) to acquire a downed ET vessel. For intelligence services such as the CIA and the NSA, which focus on intelligence gathering, information sharing and communication with different ET races, it makes them more vulnerable to Zeta Grays infiltration that share aspects of this institutional culture.

The extent to which these secret organizations have been threatened by "good shepherds" is evident from the statements of whistleblowers, such as Phil Schneider, who has witnessed secret negotiations in underground facilities between people and ET, where the key role these ETs have been in Society New World Order. (New World Order.)

Threat by Grays?

Schneider described how the secret organization he worked for was threatened by the "High Grays of Reptilians, and how they were preparing for" one world government. " Similarly, Dr. Neruda describes the existence of the ET Corteum, which is closely linked to a secret organization called "Labyrinth", including 1800 people and 200 ET, operating in the National Security Agency. The paranoid strict hierarchical control and secrecy that the Labyrinth operates suggests that "Corteum" includes the underworld subgroups of "good shepherds."

There is also a number of former participants in classified programs that included ET collaboration with people, in testing and developing new technology in organizations embedded in the Navy, Army, and Air Force. According to Stewart Swerdlow and other participants, a highly classified series of projects led by the US Navy is dubbed the "Montauk" project, a secret organization involved in US citizen abduction for mind control experiments collaborates with Grays and Reptilians ET in attempting to learn more about human emotional and behavioral issues . Eventually, Bill Cooper believes that there is a common power structure composed of people and ET that provides an agenda for total control over human institutions and populations.

Protective "parent" ET races have a distinct disadvantage in dealing with classified organizations because of their reluctance to exchange technologies that have a military use, and in fact, the restriction of the use of advanced weapons, they have a limited impact on secret organizations. As already mentioned, the meeting of President Eisehower and this faction of humanoid ET races has led to failure, due to disagreement over the usefulness of the US nuclear military program. Subsequently, "protective maternal races" focus their efforts on minimizing the chances of a global war, thereby minimizing the damaging effects of nuclear weapons trials and preventing the destabilizing agendas of "good shepherds" and combating the penetration of "good shepherds" into key secret organizations.

Dr. Neruda and his conversation

The influence of "wise teacher races" on secret organizations is even more limited because their spiritual counseling has only a limited scope for clandestine organizations, as bureaucratic institutions of limited influence with no result for power and resources. Dr. In his interviews, Neruda describes how he was forced to escape from the secret organization embedded in the NSA because the spiritual advice of the "central race" in the form of philosophy, art and music was considered insufficient for the supply of weapons and technology deemed necessary to defend against ET intervention.

When Neruda was suspected to be under the influence of this "wise mentor race", he had to deceive or risk using invasive memory technologies to remove all knowledge of the relationship with this race. The influence of these "wise mentoring" races seems to have a significant impact on those individuals in clandestine organizations who open up to former influences. These individuals become progressive forces in publishing ET's presence, through a gradual "acclimatization program" and for a milder military response to ET interventions, but remain in the minority in the policy-making process.

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