Great Pyramid: Open the Door!

01. 08. 2022

It's been almost 6 years since this sensational discovery was made (it happened in 1993). One would expect that after 6 years, someone could finally open the door. Where is the scientific curiosity? But nothing happens, at least not in public.

I have very good information directly from Egypt from the people who worked on this project. We know that something is really going on here, but the public is not informed about it. Can anyone explain to me why? Who is afraid of what is behind the door?

Our civilization has the technology to send man to the moon and broadcast it live on television. Why not use the same technology so that you can all see step by step how these doors open and see what is behind them? Someone is preventing this. He does not understand that the whole Egyptology is losing credibility. Because once they come and show us on TV how they opened the door and that (as expected), there's nothing behind them, we won't trust them anymore. Credibility will be gone. They have to do it publicly, otherwise it's censorship. We are all intelligent enough to see what is behind the door. And if there's really nothing outside the door, then it's okay, but you can't treat humanity like that.

We have the right to know what is hidden there and we have the right to free access to information. Why don't journalists keep asking what's going on here? There is silence on the path of the whole planet. And here is the door, which is the gateway to the mystery of everything.


Free by: Erich von Däniken

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