Paul Horn recorded the LP in the Great Pyramid

2 26. 10. 2022
6th international conference of exopolitics, history and spirituality

The only surviving performer who managed to record and release a live LP from the Great Pyramid in 1977 is the American instrumentalist Paul Horn.

The greater experience in listening to his achievement is the fact that Paul has fully understood and musically comprehended what a fabulous and mystical supernatural appears in the tones of his flute in the Great Pyramid.


Comment by Paul from 6.5.1976:

"We have received kind permission from the Egyptian Museum to stay inside the Great Pyramid after closing time and record music in the Royal Chamber. This permit is valid for three hours from 18 pm to 21 pm. Immediately after the lights go out, I meditate a bit. Then I sit on the ground by the sarcophagus and start playing in a meditation session.

I believe that the energy, the trail of people and events remains in places like the Royal Chamber of the Great Pyramid forever, and I am touching them right now to the tones of my flute. to play higher tones, so I play piccolo and C flute… It's five or nine, the recording is over. We fly to the east, where they are already waiting for us. "

Author's words after release for CD:

"This first version for the CD is very important to me. Recording inside the Great Pyramid was one of the greatest experiences of my life. Its effects are still with me.

When I listened to these recordings, I was there again. When you listen and relax, open up to sounds without decision or prejudice and let the music flow in you. Then you will be with me inside the Great Pyramid. "




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