Peru: The protracted alien skull from Paracas

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Brien Foerster, an assistant to the Paracas Museum, where a large number of elongated skulls are stored, states that the skull bandage can not explain the large amount of anomalies he has identified.

More than the 5% of elongated skulls found in Paracas (Peru) is so complex in shape and size that it is very difficult to believe it is only a targeted deformation. It's not just that they are lengthened vertically, but the eye sockets are much larger than they are for most people. There are two small holes at the top of the skull, clearly through the blood and nerve endings. Their denture is very robust compared to ours.

David Wilcock: The largest found skull is about 60% heavier than the average human skull. The capacity of the skull is 2,5x larger!

Brien Foerster: In 2014, DNA tests were performed on the Paracas skulls with the 44 inventory. Tests have shown that DNA contains sequences that do not correspond to anything known from the human genome.

David Wilcock: This unambiguous physical evidence that aliens walked and lived among us.
Giorgio A: Tsoukalos: In my opinion, these remains could belong to those who are historically documented as the teachers of the stars that have come to the fore in the past.

Most scientists are rejecting these ideas. Still, there is clear evidence that in a relatively recent past, people here lived with another humanoid intelligent species that may have had greater knowledge and abilities than humans.

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