Pilots for the truth about 9 / 11

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Date 11. September 2001 is associated with the greatest deception and lies on human credulity in modern history. It was the largest composite of US secret services for its own people and the world politics. Based on this, other war crimes against the eastern states were made very difficult to explain, and repressive measures were imposed on the civilian population not only in the United States.

During this day they were scheduled training war games. Air dispatchers had problems identifying alleged aircraft to be abducted. The radar records did not match and some of the information was missing and could not be retrieved.

During flights over allegedly kidnapped aircraft, overlap - a military trick, when two planes (or an airplane and a dron) approach each other so close that the radar sees them as one point. During this maneuver there will be an intentional confusion of identification marks on the aircraft. This process was originally designed as a deliberate trick (the so-called attack under a fake flag) to provoke the war with Cuba. Protocols from control systems confirm that at least 3 from 4 aircraft had yet another 20 minute after the last crash at other locations in the US and that the aircraft landed normally.

Civilian aircraft to be allegedly used for WTC and Pentagon crashes just in time after overlap increased its speed to two to three times its design speed. In the case of the Pentagon (if we hold the official flight record), we have made a maneuver that is not physically possible with the type of civil aircraft.

Civil control towers demanded interventions from military flight bases on the coast. The first mention of starting fighters was approximately 15 minutes before the first impact. However, the fighters started up to 1 minutes after the first crash. But NORAD is taking them over the Atlantic Ocean, waiting for further instructions. Here they were held until the moment when it was over. Then they were ordered to guard the space.

The document shows that many systems were most likely deliberately manipulated, or that they were purposeless at the right time, inoperative.

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