Stay in the dark

11 18. 05. 2023
5th international conference of exopolitics, history and spirituality

After 10 days in a dark room without meals and contact with people, one hour before dawn, Monika pushed a drum, a candle and a candle into the wall with a black supply window to finish the process and walk out of the room into the woods. The first hit was a pain, I thought it would burn my eyes. During that moment, the infrared vision and the shining flower that had been hanging for hours in space disappeared, and the entire world that had been part of it disappeared with it. Already in the train on the way to civilization I was an extraterrestrial visit when I was staring at this reality what it is, after the 10 days everything changed because my view of everything changed.

I entered into the dark almost without information about what is going to happen, I just heard that people see demons, there are various psychological difficulties in them, my intention was to go through the dark, to know her both out and inside me and discover the light that is in the darkest corner of darkness.

The first moments of my head stayed in my head, the mothers' counsels of the countenance of a loving mother-in-law fucked by a fool. Mother's kind list of possible injuries and other complications that could happen to me in the dark, enriched by the advice of friends who were never in the dark, reminded me a little of my comedicity of a list of side effects on drugs such as: "Uncontrollable exfoliation of the tongue" on antidepressants .

The only thing I found was that after 3's days of watching the darkness (ie not closing eyes), the cerebral brains start with dopamine and melatonin to create DMT, a substance that makes us see visions, dreams and other realities. If you do not have fasting and eat in the dark, the amount of DMT is decreasing strongly, because it is the digestive substances that are excreted in the diet that just DMT spends, so I was full of fasting. Then I knew it was good to get time disoriented, so I agreed with Monica to put me in a dark window of drinking at irregular times.

The idea of ​​whether it is a day or a night and how long I slept disappeared after 3 days was all my pity. In the first days I introduced a system that was designed to guarantee a relaxing survival of my stay, a system of meditation, physical exercise, massages and other activities. The next day I had enough of it, I thought I would not stand it, and I was bored with the craziness, I realized what the effectiveness of the "solitary" punishment is. On the third day I decided to change the system and make my stay fun. I tried to lick my elbow with my tongue, it is not. Putting your leg behind your neck, it is. I was dancing here, doing various acrobatic pieces because I was in silence, so I had a "telepathic radio" broadcast where I talked about different radio shows. She sang, I visited a fictitious psychiatrist and asked him for pills in the dark. It was a fun day, but on the third day in the evening I was exactly the same as the day before. I had enough. If I could climb the wall, I would crawl.

I sat down and fully experienced the unpleasant pressure to change my situation quickly. I asked for what to do, and she answered me. Suddenly I heard in my head: "Do not do anything, please.". So I did. I sat quietly in the clock, did nothing and watched nothing. It was not about meditation or rest. That's how I watched without sleep for about two days, the time suddenly ceased to be important. The stay program was no longer important. It has also ceased to be an important goal with which I have come. The only important thing was the truth of that moment and I knew every moment.

The movie that's going on in the head about what it was, what it is, what to do, or thinking about who I am and who I am not, the whole internal monologue with 4. the day stopped completely.

Suddenly the first vision came to me. In that vision, I was in a cave sitting by a fire. A voice told me that when I sat like this, there was nothing I could do but sit here and wait, as I do now, just accept what is. I could only wait to see if the man would return with food and be here and now for him, whatever his condition, with or without food. I could only believe that there was an abundance of everything needed for me, and that when I was fully conscious, I was in the right place, where all that was there for me came to me. I understood with that vision the importance of being here and now. That it is the only place, the inner space, in which everything we need at a given moment. It is not anywhere else and anywhere else we also feel a sense of scarcity. I felt liberated and rejoiced in that understanding. Suddenly my stomach heaved and I went to vomit. Something in me no longer had room in me for further existence. Suddenly I felt that someone had shone a halogen flashlight on my face. I looked at the origin of the strong light, and above me was the dome of the temple. The ceiling was about three times higher than the ceiling of the room. The temple was calm, and I felt the vision tell me that I had received some understanding. I looked around the small room with the shower and toilet and saw that the light from the temple was illuminating the room. I saw the outlines of a sink, shower, etc. I knew I could stand here for hours and the painting would not disappear. I just asked existence why it is a Christian temple and she said that it doesn't matter that the temple is a temple and that it will show me another temple…

Heaven and stars

Heaven and Stars (Illustration)

I fanned 2 for the days of sleeping and not doing the rest of the bed on the bed and lay down. Suddenly I saw the sky, the stars, the heavenly temple on the ceiling ... It was even deeper than the temple dome. I saw infinity. Looking closer, I saw a galaxy, and I saw life as well as here. The picture was very lively. She tried to close my eyes and found I still see the picture. I played with it for a while, swinging my eyes open and closed. The image was the same - so unchanged.

I do not even know how I fell asleep. When I woke up, I felt like it was night and I slept for 2 days. But it has since ceased to be important. What is actually part of the day and how long have I been sleeping or going to sleep? I stopped tracking it and also focused on it. I started to feel great in the room, I was not afraid of anything, enjoyed it, and I felt that if they forgot me, I could stay here forever and be happy. But it was not a leak, it was a deep connection with "here and now" in me, with my center. I did not need anything here and I was fine.

I sat down again and did nothing. When I felt like I was dancing, I danced. When I wanted to go through the shower I went down to the hot and cold water stream but not to have a program to do something but because I felt that here and now it was supposed to be that it had the energy so wants to. I felt my energy slowly as it led me to what to do. I followed her and got an answer about the future - "follow your energy." From that day I followed my energy and followed her.

After a few hours, I sat down and just watched the darkness. Suddenly I saw my body inside, as if someone had enlightened the cave with fire. I was sitting in the cave, and she was in the shape of my body's contours from the inside. From this place, within me suddenly, images of my body began to fly out of space. Such a special form of broadcasting on canvas. The projector was this place inside me and the canvas was an outdoor space. But I saw the entire scene again, whether my eyes were closed or open.

For a few days my brain has created a DMT substance that is so hallucinogenic, but I did not even realize that something unusual would happen. Everything seemed natural to me, as if I had lived with such full visions and spent so much time. It did not hurt or surprise me. On the contrary, I was delighted to experience it again. Those images from within me reflected in the various memories of my childhood that I forgot. Other memories were gathered on them until the present, and I understood some of my formulas, my fears, my development, why I behave in some situations, so I was doing some formulas.

I felt sympathy with Martina sitting in that room because I saw where the different patterns were and how she was free. She often did not choose what she really wanted, but just according to some formulas, and that it was her prison. At the same time, I had complete insight into her situation, it was liberating. I received such "teachings" from the darkness around 12 hours. All the time I went after every "episode" to shower, as my energy was telling me.

At one point, someone began pounding on the wall of the room, stamping outside the wall, and suddenly it was as if someone outside had seeped into the room and was breathing in the room. It was the only really scary moment. But I told what entered the room that you beings send light and peace and disappear. Nothing so terrifying has ever come.

Then I sat in a quiet joy and felt relieved, thanked my great spirit for the feeling of cleansing, and suddenly I saw my own hand as she pushed the blanket. I noticed, and I looked at her hand, and she was slow to repeat the movement, indeed, I had seen it in the dark since then! But vision was different from ordinary vision in a room where there was a little light. There was a complete darkness here. It was something like an infrared vision. I first looked at items such as a bed and a door, and then verified that I could see it correctly. I saw they were a little darker than the surrounding wall. With this vision, I played here for several hours and guessed what I see where it ends and begins. I had a door fifty times. Another gift that sent me dark.

The last hours before dawn and mine by the end (which of course I did not know that I had a few hours left until the process was over) I sat back and looked into space. Suddenly, before my eyes, a luminous pencil began to draw a spiral, it began to spin and turned into a circle from which a few petals grew, a flower-lotus flower. He hung all the time in the room until she heard Monika put a drum, a match and a candle in the dark window to finish the process and get out of the room into the woods.

The light at the end of the roadThe first beat of the match was painful, I thought it would burn my eyes. During that moment, the infrared vision and the glowing flower hanging in space for a few hours disappeared. The whole world of which I was a part disappeared with him. Already on the train on the way to civilization, I acted as an alien visit, staring here at this reality as it really is. After those 10 days, everything changed, because my view of everything also changed.

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