Food bags with a story or how they protected the nature of our (great) parents

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Nowadays, we are accustomed to taking plastic bags, microtene bags, or paper bags and bags of similar materials to everything in supermarkets. But these things always have one thing in common: they are disposable. We learned that when we bring home, we throw it in a paper or plastic basket. This trend began at the beginning of 90. years and today's generation can't even imagine that it would be different. Yet still in 80. 20. century was not something like that at all. So how did our parents and grandparents do it when they went to the store and the supermarket or the village to a mobile shop?

I come from a village in East Bohemia (Pardubice Region), called Běštovice. I asked for an interview with Mr. Josef Novák, who was a local mayor in the village, and a zootechnician in the then collective farm. He is still a great source of information at the age of eighty and is also a chronicler of the village. Memories will be his childhood and my food packaging theme as it was before.

He told me you were dating that time WITH SUBSTANCE BAG for pastry bakery.


Bags - Set

JN: The bag was made of cloth and had a strip of some transparent material. The salesman saw how many rolls I had there. I don't know what it was, Grandma always made it.

Jana: I am also buying bag pastry bags. But the rolls in it then harden. How did you keep them?

JN: Normally it was over.

JanaBut the bread or rolls will dry and harden.

JN: We didn't buy bread. We baked bread.

Jana: And how did you keep the bread?

JN: There were always nine loaves, and they went into the chamber, and it lasted three Sundays.

Jana: And in those three Sundays he was okay?

JN: Yeah, all right. Mostly rye bread was baked. That rye flour lasted longer. Wheat is being sown today on corn, there are sprays, and of course it's in the bread. Rye was harvested at that time, and Dad took it to the mill. He left the sack of flour with the baker. When we went to school, my sister and I went to the bakery and the baker checked off what we bought for a snack. (today we would say that they have exhausted the credit bag of flour). We had the bag our grandmother made. That was in 1950-52.

Jana: Dear Mr. Josef Novák, thank you for the story and nice memory.

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On the basis of this talk I sewed a bag version, where there is a strip of mesh. Things can be stored in it, and the middle of the bag shows what's inside.

Strip bags

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Interview with Jana Emerenzie Kasparova

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