Rules of using the content

Responsibility for content

  1. The author is solely responsible for the content of the article or discussion post.
  2. Author's opinion may not be the opinion of the majority and may not coincide with the view of the site operator.
  3. If the author is "see" source ", then the responsibility for the content falls to the source of the article taken over.

Trustworthiness and resources used

  1. Published articles are provided without any guarantee of their unambiguous factual flawlessness and truthfulness. It is up to the reader to judge by his own judgment the value of the information provided.
  2. These resources are provided to the article as it is. Both the author and the operator are not responsible for the content of the referenced source, nor any part or part thereof.


  1. The "Author" is understood by those who are either the author of the article's content or the author of the translation of the article into the Czech / Slovak language.
  2. The article author is always the person listed in the box Authors at the end of the article. If the author is "see" source ", then the real author can only be listed on the source link that is listed at the end of the article.
  3. The translator is not responsible for the formal accuracy of the translation. The article cited as a source of translation can only be an informative basis, the resulting text being the author's content.

Sharing rules

  1. The content of any article can be quoted in the original title with an initial quotation, with a reference to the full text of the text on our site.
  2. The entire content may be shared on another site only with an explicit written the author's approval
  3. The content of any article or quote from it must not be altered or edited.
  4. No third party ads may be included in the content of the article.

Discussion rules

  1. Unauthorized ad messages, vulgar posts and / or contributions written by capitals are deleted.
  2. Forum discussions follow the rules outlined in discussion forum.

Scope of application

These rules apply to all sites:,,, a


The highest authority of these sites is theirs operator. Content manager is the operator authorized persons.


We will appreciate your help and willingness to collaborate on content creation.

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