Natural childbirth

1 12. 03. 2023
5th international conference of exopolitics, history and spirituality

Natural birth is understood as a physiological delivery, which does not routinely interfere with it. Emphasis is placed on the free choice of women how and where to bring their child to the world with the latest knowledge of science. A woman has the right to choose the place and circumstances of delivery without having to defend her decisions. A woman has the right to information from experienced women - mothers.

Natural childbirth, like a woman's love of her husband, is an intimate affair. For childbirth, a woman needs peace and the opportunity to fully concentrate on herself and her baby in a suitable (intimate and safe for her) environment. Routine examinations, bustle in the room, the movement of strangers, distract the woman from concentrating on herself and her newborn child.

Natural childbirth is the transformation of a woman into a mother. There are changes, both physical and mental. Natural childbirth in complete peace is like intense meditation, during which strong emotional blocks from the past can be released (visions, memories, emotional dreams).

During birth, similar hormones are released as in lovemaking. Documentary film Birth as an orgasm compares the experience of women who have decided to give birth naturally without unnecessary doctor intervention and controlled birth under the supervision of doctors and their devices. Movie Trailer.

Birth in maternity hospitals under the umbrella of doctors and doctors (men) is the trend of the last 30 years in Western society. The main reason is the trend of low infant mortality. However, according to the experience of midwives, such as Ivana Königsmarková, most women are able to give birth naturally - with the support of an experienced midwife. Doctor intervention only makes sense if complications arise.

Natural delivery = normal delivery

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