Why do we need more fun in our lives?

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Why do some of us forget such a creative and fantastic thing that improves our mood in our lives? Yes, talk is about fun. It is strange how many people reject this idea. They consider entertainment to be trivial, unworthy and doubtful. Perhaps one day they will actually have fun, but only after they have made a huge fortune will they make a scientific breakthrough or create some great art. However, they do not realize that the people who accomplished these things also enjoyed it. Entertainment is not a move away from a successful life, it is a way to a successful life.

We need fun

Each of us was born with a tendency to entertain in certain types of activities. You can do something that someone else hates and vice versa. We are the most productive, persistent, creative and flexible when we engage in a combination of activities that provide maximum entertainment.

Entertainment is an imprint of your life, a guide to use for your basic purpose written with joy. Learning to read and respond to it is one of the most important things in life. The word fun is sometimes used for the best and the worst behavior. Some people enjoy torturing others, addicts have fun a little differently. But this is fun that leads to misery and is not really something a normal person would enjoy. That's why it's more of a fake fun. As you can see, the word fun can basically be anything.

We face stress with fun

The first is to realize that fake entertainment doesn't solve your problems, ta the real will allow you to face them. Pupils in schools often face stress, which is why fantasy games help them. They feel stress, anxiety, but the more they do, the more they seek entertainment that helps them ignore these mental states. Fun in a group of friends is better than the anxiety of your friends.

Real fun really enjoys

Real sources of entertainment are what psychologists call renewable pleasure. These sources of entertainment also entertain repeatedly. If food is fun for you, you will be entertained with every additional serving. But you will still need new and new ideas to keep the fun going (maybe introduce some exotic goodies).

If you have an insatiable need to have more expensive things, prestigious awards, kinky sex and so on, your desire is not a spark of real fun, but an inner emptiness.

If you really have fun, you will never regret it

Bad entertainment, such as bullying, leads to feelings of regret. With real fun, there's no danger and you'll never regret it. Frequent entertainment for many people is, for example, alcohol consumption. Drinking seems to be great fun in the group, but then hangover comes to the floor. Then we often regret getting drunk. That's not really fun. We never regret that.

Entertainment makes us feel better, never the other way around

Recently, an interview with an unnamed individual who humiliated perhaps everyone around him was published. He laughed every day, as did the people who had come into contact with him. But the fact was that many of these people were traumatized. One of them then killed himself.

The person who was having the wrong conversation was then asked by the reporter how he felt. "I'm sad," he replied with absolute sincerity. It seems that this person was not funny. He created sadness for others, but eventually for himself.

How to know which entertainment will fill us?

There are many psychological methods that help find fun. Take a notebook or piece of paper and write down what you enjoy. It could be anything. But feel your emotions. For if you feel a smile with the release of body and mind while writing any of the activities, it is the right fun.

It is scientifically proven that what we enjoy carries with us all our lives. Childhood is therefore important for understanding ourselves. Write down all the things you remember having enjoyed in your childhood. Feel the patterns of this fun. Did you prefer to play alone or in a group? At home or outdoors? These preferences are still inside you.

And finally - keep a diary with a list of what fun you did every day. Then give these activities a score of 0 to 10 amusement. So you can successfully filter fun things and things that you don't like.

These methods are just training, to teach you to respond to your sense of fun. When this happens, it's your turn to reconcile your true behavior with the entertainment you realize.

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