Protracted skulls from Paracas in Peru

05. 09. 2022
5th international conference of exopolitics, history and spirituality

In one of the local museums in Peru, there are several mummies in a display case. One probably arouses the greatest interest of visitors, because at first glance it is obvious that it has an elongated skull.

Closer examination reveals that this is not the only anomaly. The creature has three pointed teeth in the upper jaw and atypically symmetrically round and enlarged eye sockets for humans.

According to the commentary that the author of the recording himself leads to the video, it should be officially a child who has had a head bandage. The creature was found in the local area of ​​Peru at the same time as two other strange creatures that are exposed next to the so-called child.

In another video, the same author describes the difference between three skulls. The middle is an example of a common human skull from the Inca era. The volume of the cerebellum is 1200 cm2, which is the average person average.

The skull on the left is a typical example of an attempt to deform the skull with a bandage. The volume of the skull is 1100 cm2, which is still quite common. It is even clear how (apparently in childhood) the head was bandaged to stretch more. In addition, the typical thing about human skulls is that we have three main skull bones.

The last skull, which is located on the right, is an example of an elongated skull. Her skull has an 1500 cm2, which is 25% more than in previous cases. Unlike the human skull, it has only two skull bones. One front and the other rear. The eye sockets, nose and jaws are enlarged. On the back, two small holes are visible, through which a bundle of nerves apparently passed towards the top of the head, which is not at all common in humans.

There are hundreds of examples of such elongated skulls in Peru. These skulls can be further divided into five groups according to their typical appearance, which could, for example, correspond to five social groups - castes. Unfortunately, this is only a guess.

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