Review movie Sirius. We still have a Public Hearing.

2 22. 05. 2022

The film is officially available for a fee of $ 9,99 free. I personally do not entirely share the philosophy of the authors that must its distribution had to be charged. I believe that if people have paid for their production, they should also be entitled to its free distribution. Then the film's main passage would be: "Movie from people to people."

The official reason for charging the distribution of the film is the effort to raise additional money to set up a professional lab where the development of free energy equipment could continue. I find it more reasonable to offer the largest possible spectrum of people and to announce another action such as: We made the film and we did it! Let's go to a specialized lab now and change the world. The current situation has disgusted many people and it will be used unnecessarily in the media against its creators.

I agree with those who say that the SIRIUS document itself does not bring any breakthrough to us who are studying 24 / 365. But I see his power in the media hype with which he is connected and he is not small. I believe and I hope this will help to initiate another wave of media coverage, just like the Disclosure Project in 2001.

The next weekend and the whole week is waiting for us Public hearing before the members of the congresswhich could provide more information. I looked at their site and they have about 30 people there as witnesses. Many also collaborated on the SIRIUS project. But there are also names that I do not know from other conferences and similar events. Maybe they will bring other interesting connections to the whole problem.

Hearing REALLY BEFORE THE FORMER CONGRESSES. I only hope that their competencies are at least such as to be able to speak professionally with those who are contemporary congressmen. This could again attract the media to cause further upheaval. And that's the most.

It will not be so easy. Unfortunately, media is controlled. As stated in the SIRIUS document, American media is fully under the control of the CIA.

Organizers Public hearing they also want to make a document that will capture its course.

If you really want to see the SIRIUS movie, look for Save or pirated bay. Search for "Greer Sirius".

A passionate debate broke out on social networks around the film. It seems to be fulfilling its purpose. I liked the comment on Vimeo:

Good job! Do not discard the movie. I have an illegal copy on my hard drive. I watched the movie a few hours ago. That's brilliant. Everyone needs to see it. I bought a DVD to support the project so I will share my illegal copy where I find it appropriate to spread this reality. The information contained in the film belongs to everyone, regardless of the form in which they are communicated. Information belongs to everyone on this planet. I break the "law" to show everyone how valuable a document is.


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The movie is currently freely available on YT. For a downloaded DVD version (without an opening speech Steven Greer) can also be obtained Czech subtitles.

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