Greece: UFO sightings

29. 06. 2022

It was a beautiful Greek sunny day, and since I had a bike rental, I went further from the accommodation center that was in Parz - the region of Epirus, it was just like a big sundown, and that day it occurred to the thunderstorms that I was just about to ride, unfortunately I do not remember too much about this yawn and the exhaustion of cycling on the hills of the captivating landscape, but I think I did not see anything even though something called me to take pictures of this from multiple angles. In just a few seconds, there was no unidentifiable item on other photos. Only on one that I submit. As far as the location is concerned, it is interesting that the object is above the mountainous coastline of the very quiet resort of Ammoudia near Parga or Prevezi. Even more interesting is the fact that in these places the river of dead from a nearby dead oath of the dead Nekromantio surely they will know not only the tourists who go to Greek Parga.

Legends of interdimensional links are also linked to these places black holes which can be penetrated under certain conditions to other worlds or universes. Although this sounds very naive as a sci-fi story, I just believe this with exaggeration :-). After the descent to the coastal resort of Ammoudia, I had a kind of peace and especially peace, which I did not experience elsewhere, which could be caused by the calm atmosphere and tchai-chi practitioners in the park by the beach. After that I moved under or next to the hill above which the unknown object can be seen, the beach below the hill was very rocky and the entrance was strange until I was afraid that something would engulf me if I entered this rocky cliff micro beach. The feeling of peace was more between fear and something very unknown, then an unknown person came out of the water? He got into a black jeap and left, I'm attaching a photo of this "beach", and let's realize that Greece is shrouded in countless mysteries.

I have to point out that on one of my trips, I had a wonderful experience when I sat down for a moment and leaned against a young olive tree, maybe it was a fat-bureaucratic heat, but simply put something tiny silver in my navel and disappeared, maybe you are already thinking about what a freak is, but the mysteries are all around us and we can still not explain everything skeptically with the reason to go cure :-)

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