Rituals and their power

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When you hear the word rituals, what do you imagine? Singing, mantras, weddings, full moon celebrations? Yes, even in such cases we find rituals, but we also find rituals in our daily lives.

Rituals in everyday life

Rituals are present in our lives to a much greater extent than we thought. We often overlook them or don't even notice them. Why? We don't even think about some activities anymore.

However, if we begin to perform rituals intentionally and consciously, they can have incredible effects. They can help us begin to feel a deeper meaning and pleasure in life. Water is just water. But when you start drinking it every morning with a lemon and gratitude for each sip, it will nourish our body more.

Rituals are different from habits and practices, but together they can be interconnected to support your life. Modern times dictate that we must always feel constantly satisfied, happy and cheerful. Rituals will not provide you with all this, but they will help you to enjoy the everyday moments of your life so that they are unique.

Habits, practices and rituals

Habits are behaviors or actions that repeat so often that they become automatic. They save our energy and become automatic. They make up up to 40% of activities during the day.

Habits can be negative or positive. Therefore, consider what it brings to our lives. Let's try to think regularly about what we do daily without thinking, let's try to be aware of the activities and evaluate what they bring us.

Although some habits may seem innocent and insignificant to us, repetitive activity can affect our health, relationships, finances and happiness.

Rituals are symbolic actions that have a deeper meaning than the action itself. They usually contain a sequence of actions. You can use rituals to promote your well-being.

Do you know what fulfills you? Make it a habit. Do you need to improve a specific activity or area of ​​life? Develop your skill. Do you want to feel more conscious and deep? Then create a ritual.

Why are rituals so powerful?

Rituals are basically habits more conscious and from the heart. Yes, habits are important, but rituals are stronger because they combine more habits and emotionally connect you to them. A simple bedtime song can create a sense of belonging and connection in a child. Such a ritual can provide a sense of security. A bedtime ritual can help you end the day in your head and prepare for sleep and rest.

In our lives, rituals allow us to pause, breathe, and reconnect with our inner needs. Whether connection means getting back in touch with nature, rituals are the perfect way to integrate this into your daily life.

3 ways of rituals can increase your well-being

1) They help shift consciousness and energy at certain times of the day

Rituals can be useful throughout the day. From morning rituals to lunch break to bedtime. They can strongly signal your brain and body that you are ready to change your mood and energy and move intentionally into further activity.

Set your morning ritual as a start to a new day. During your lunch break, release the morning stress and get ready for the afternoon work. We can use the ritual of a family dinner to share experiences with those closest to us. An evening bedtime ritual (meditation or gratitude entry) will help end the day and prepare the body for sleep and rest.

2) They help to release negative feelings and failures

Rituals can also help us deal with negative emotions. If you have feelings that you have a harder time coping with, create a ritual to process them (burning candles, burial in the garden, writing in a diary and then tearing, etc.)

3) They create the meaning of the things we care about the most

Rituals add a deeper meaning and awareness of what matters most, and bring greater recognition to what we have.

How to create a ritual

Determine the most demanding time of day and describe the sequence of activities you are already doing. Are you satisfied with this sequence? How you want to feel after completing the ritual.

Determine the purpose of the ritual: what result should the ritual have?

Set your word to strengthen the intention: choose a word to reinforce this result.

Change this task so that you achieve the result and experience the desired feelings

Add sounds, smells, lights - everything that will support your energy and the energy of the ritual.

3 things that will make your rituals stronger


The soft lighting of candles and lamps automatically creates a calm atmosphere and allows you to connect to a deeper self. If you are creating an energizing ritual, consider using direct sunlight to revitalize your energy.


Use music to support the purpose of your ritual. Choose relaxing music to take care of yourself, silence to enjoy nature, popular music to create togetherness, or a fast-paced rhythm for rituals focused on events such as cooking.


Use essential oils to balance, harmonize and promote the health of your mind, body and spirit. They can be incorporated into your rituals of rest, meditation, study and exercise.

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