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What is the story of these pages? How did they come from?

Yes. Everything has its own story! Even this site has begun its journey through the Internet some time ago in March 2013 just as a better alternative to bulk emails I sent to my friends. A year ago, I would say literally a few, but that list was growing steadily. Gradually, there were dozens of email addresses, and it came to me that it was easier to write a blog that would send out a newsletter rather than trying to format an email with the most interesting of the last week. So, sometimes at the beginning of 2013, I started to put together the first version of - today known as Suenee Universe.

Today, after almost 4 years, the site has thousands of fans on facebook, twiter and all over the world. Thousands of people read us every day and more! We are pleased. :)

And how did you get that, Suene?

This is also a strange consensus of seemingly random circumstances. I did not enjoy reading at elementary school. They were still telling me to read Verneys and / or Quick Arrows. It did not really attract me. It is a joke to me that I have read only Kretka and Sisa Kysela in the next ten years. The break started at the beginning of 90. the years when the edition of the short books NEJ began. Everyone was on another topic, but they all had a common idea: The greatest mysteries of the world. I've been reading some of the 1998's latest releases. I literally drank it, because suddenly everything began to make sense to me. Suddenly I saw a sort of imaginary blast of fresh air in the dull world where everything is clearly given - because that's what the teacher said at school (History, Nature).

I always thought it was a strange story that told us history. How can they know with such certainty that it really was?

Much has also been made to me by Mystery Arthur C. Clark's Mysteries and Mysteries, and later on the filmed version of Erich von Däniken: Memories of the future. I saw things that conventional science had no explanation about, and which she tried to sweep under the carpet as a marginal affair-something we would not speak out loud about in order not to be ridiculed.

I still remember the scene when a classmate brought a newspaper clipping that somebody was watching the UFO. Everyone laughed at her that no aliens were. Unfortunately, I was one of them at the time. Even though I remembered that I was not sure of myself at all. There was still it: and what if it is different?

From childhood I've been thinking a lot about the feelings and what's happening to me. Even though I did not have the concepts for it, it really affected me in understanding the reality. So, I can say that my interest in everything mysterious and seemingly supernatural has come out of my essence of being.

Much has been done by the fateful encounter at high school with my very close friend, Almyr. Both today we are exaggerated to say that more than the Electrotechnical Industry was about the afternoon session when we sat for a long time after school and debated about what we were reading in NEJ books or at least what one or the other thought about. It was very strong, and both of us both moved spiritually and intellectually. Undoubtedly somebody had to stand with us. Some higher interest, or power, or some angels (aliens? :)), because they were occasionally quite quaint synchronicity.

We meet today. If there is an opportunity, our debates are really only for the chosen ones - a very open mind and a heart to see things beyond the apparent boundaries of possibilities. Some meetings are also open to the public: Close encounters with tea. Always once or twice a month. Anyone who's already feeling confronted with another reality can come.

Of course, our two-member team (Sueneé - Almyr) has grown to include other friends who have become co-creators of this site. So if you are wondering who is behind the curtain, you can sit with us with tea. :)

You translated the few hundreds of the first articles yourself. How are you with English?

This is a funny thing. (At least it comes to me with time.) At elementary school I learned from the second degree in German. I tried to go to the English ring for one half, but I did not understand it at all. The tongue came to me somewhat strange. German has a lot of similar logic to grammar as a Czech, so thanks to that I learned quite good German. English has passed me completely.

For industrialists, we sometimes tried to go to private English classes at Almyra, but it was the first few lessons for beginners.

I'll cut it off. English I learned only by desperately wanting to know what is being talked about and written on foreign websites about exopolitika a alternative history. I started translating with the help of dictionaries. I tried to translate from wiretapping. It was difficult, but it paid off. So even the first articles on the web are translated by me. Today, the content is mainly translated by other pros. :)

As they say: Nouzi learned Dalibor the caterpillar. She taught me English. But because I'm just sympathetic to those who do not have the darnness to learn English, Russian, German, and so on, we're writing this awesome site.

By the way, I have forgotten the complete German. Which is probably the biggest joke for me that about 8 years of teaching I really have very little. I wouldn't want to translate this article. :)

What do you plan for the future?

It seems obvious that people (including me) are hungry for information about history that you will not find in school textbooks. You must search in archives or read foreign websites in foreign languages. Czech and Slovak is certainly a wonderful language. Only in this case is it a little handicap. We are in a minority, so unfortunately we miss a lot of information. That's why there's this site that tries to be an imaginary bridge between what's happening in and around us on many levels.

We certainly want to expand the themes that could interest the reader or attract more attention to people who do not know about the things we are writing about or just have that idea - what I had in my childhood.

We will certainly need to extend our team to another great one colleagueswho will help you create the content of the site: translators, editors, newsletters, graphics. There is a great deal of work ahead of us!

We'd like to keep track of current developments abroad. Writing about what is happening now - what is being talked about and discussed at various conferences around the world.

Many things still affect money. There are still some things we can not do without them. Much depends on financial donations from our readerswho will contribute to transparent account. Quality work requires quality evaluation, so the more financial donations come, the faster we can bring quality content. And vice versa, we can certainly hope that quality content attracts other readers. It's connected.

How about using the ad as a source of finance?

It is also an option. We'd like to avoid the first-in-one advertising when an advertising slogan or banner flashes from every corner. Those in IT who are more experienced will then take some Ad Block and it's just no use. We want to offer advertising space to sponsors and advertiserswho bring thematically valuable content. After all, it is you who are now reading my words. Just a little and it will make a huge vortex of events - the effect of butterfly wings. :)

What do readers look forward to in the coming weeks?

In the beginning February 2017 we plan to rebuild the structure of the site so that articles are better divided into thematic categories. We believe it will give readers better access to older articles that they deserve their attention with time. We plan to change the design of the homepage to better access interesting content. Today, there are more than 1100 articles in the database, and something new is released every day. We want to give our readers a better chance to get to know them.

We plan to implement this year the first annual meeting of fans of this site. Such a mini-festival in Prague, where we would present the most interesting what is happening. Let's see how things will evolve. Maybe we can get a foreign guest.

Let's not be surprised!

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