Extensive tunnel network from Scotland to Turkey

1 26. 07. 2022

Archaeologists have discovered thousands of underground tunnels from the Stone Age, stretching across Europe from Scotland to Turkey. Researchers are confused because they do not fully understand their original purpose.

German archeologist Dr. Heinrich Kusch in his book Secrets of the Underground Door to an Ancient World said that the tunnels were excavated literally under hundreds of neolithic settlements across Europe. The fact that 12000 has survived the old tunnels to date, underlines that it has to be a huge network.

"In German Bavaria alone, we have found a 700-meter-long network of tunnels. We found 350 meters in Styria, Austria, "he said. "There were thousands across Europe - from the north of Scotland to the Mediterranean."

The tunnels are relatively small. It measures only 70 cm in height, which is just enough for a person to climb. Some places have small rooms, storage space and seating areas.

The Stone Age is the first of three ages into which archeology divides the development of mankind in terms of prehistoric technological progress. Complete list of ages (chronologically): Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age. The transition from the Stone Age to other ages was to take place approximately 6000 years to 2500 BC. It affects most of humanity living in North Africa and Eurasia.

Although many believe that the Stone Age was primitive, we come across incredible discoveries, such as the 12000-year-old temple called Gobekli Tepe in Turkey, the pyramids in Egypt, and other structures such as Stonehenge in England. These constructions demonstrate extensive astrological knowledge, which indicates that our ancestors were not as primitive as we think.



The discovery of this vast network of tunnels suggests that people of the Stone Age did not spend their tea just by hunting and harvesting. The true meaning and purpose of these tunnels is still the subject of speculation. Some experts believe that they were a way to protect themselves against predators, while others believe they were a way to safely transport themselves to protection against adverse weather or wars and violence. Still, at this stage, scientists are unable to predict the true nature of the tunnel because the tunnels have not yet revealed all their secrets.

Source: Ancient Origins



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