Saturn's Titan

1 25. 05. 2022

On January 14, 2005, the Huygens spacecraft landed on the surface of the moon Titan. (It belongs to the planet Saturn.) According to official sources, the probe only operated for 4 hours and then fell silent forever. It was enough to send a few images to Earth, which are black and white or monochrome.

NASA is loyal to its custom that the color is black and white or at least shaken by a color filter. In this case, the yellowish. Still, the second picture at the first glance attracts a special structure reminiscent of the ruins of an extensive urban development near the riverbed.

By simply searching the internet, you can easily verify that images are being manipulated abundantly. Some shots exist in different shades from pure black and white to deep yellow. The photos of Titan itself from the orbit are in the colors blue, yellow to green.

The reality will obviously be somewhere else than we are trying to talk about. It's the same as when we look at blue planet Earth.

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