Anton Parks: Student of information on the ancient history of mankind

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Anton Parks, is a French author, self-taught in a book in Le Secret des Étoiles Sombres, how humanity was created by extraterrestrial civilization.

Parks' book is difficult to classify as it provides basic information about what was happening on Earth before the arrival of humans. Is it science fiction, fantasy or literature? It is a narrative of a man who had a mental contact with a being living at that time.


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Journey - Another of the great stories of author Darji Fusk.

Journey to Bali

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Sometimes it is necessary to make a radical change in life. Get out of the comfort zone of busy daydays and embark on a totally unknown one of your life adventures ...

Series of Traveling to the Land of the Gods.

CIA: remote monitoring of Mars

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Declared document Central Intelligence Services (CIA) shows that in 1984, this agency employed people with remote viewing capabilities, who focused on what a certain area of ​​Mars looked like for millions of years. Observers have described that they see pyramids, futuristic technologies, and very high-human-looking beings ...

What is hidden in the races of time

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And the underground tunnels again - And this time around Otuzco Throughout the world, we meet artificially built underground spaces, caves, tunnels and whole "cities" that do not know who, and how he built them. And we would have a lot of problems to build.

The Incan font of the kip looks like a chain of nodes aligned on the strings. Sorting nodes in a certain order is a method of forwarding messages. This scripture was passed over to the bearded god Virakoča, a white-skinned man.

Long flying machines, planes, vimanas and other hovercrafts.

Dr. Zahi Hawass: Intriky in the background of Egyptology

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Zahi Hawass certainly belongs to the most controversial personalities in world archeology and especially egyptology. It is associated with many scandals and Censor interventions in archaeological discoveries, especially in Egypt. The following series of articles attempt to reveal the veil of intrigue that Hawass personally or through others has done to prepare the general public for the most up-to-date information. That he does not always have the best intentions in the interest of knowing mankind is more than obvious. However, everyone should judge for themselves. Information is tracking more than enough.

The second birth of Hyperborea

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Edgar Cayce: The Way Towards Yourself

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The name of Edgar Cayce is known to spiritual scholars around the world, yet his story is exceptional in its simplicity. His strongest motive was to look after people and try to help. This impulse had its prodigious ability - a talent that made him become more famous after his death than he was in his life.


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The term Electricity comes from Greek and means "Jantar" - electron. It was already in the antique age that this mysterious property was known.

ET and new cosmology

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Human Code of Conduct

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The Czech writer Ivo Wiesner gave us his work on a number of his books of immense value to his spirit. Let's look at his view of how a person should live on Earth so that his life is in accordance with the laws of the Universe / if you want: by the laws of God / to fulfill his personal mission.

Exclusive Interview: Ken Johnston NASA whistleblower

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This is the story of Ken Johnston, the NASA archivist, Whistle blower, a man who has revealed the curtain hiding the backdrop of some NASA secret activities.

Physical mysteries

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We learned a lot of physical phenomena from birth to school. It may seem at first sight that everything is clear and that there is no reason for doubt. This series will show you where we are, like humanity, still a gap in understanding the context.

General of the KGB on PSI-weapons

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PSI weapons based on the use of other senses (such as telepathy), which, apart from those of 5 basic, is available to humans. The series reveals what the current professional public is saying paranormal or supernatural, is an integral part of each of us and that these areas of our being have been repeatedly subjected to very precise research using scientific methodologies. And although we still do not understand the exact nature of the operation, it does not diminish the fact that they work - they are real and still present. Just need to learn to control them. And as always, the technique can be used both good and unfortunate bad things ...

Henry Deacon: Mankind opened the pandora's box

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This basic interview was conducted in 2006, followed by two add-ons from 2007, which we will get later. The interview was conducted with a physicist wishing to remain anonymous ("Henry Deacon") is a pseudonym. Given that this written version is the original video report, we had to leave some details out of the way so that the person's identity remains untouched. The name Henry is right, and the details of his employment have finally been verified.

Mountains, mines terricony

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According to physical evidence, it seems that the ancient civilizations of Earth have been "ripped off". Let's look at the traces of ancient mining of monstrous dimensions.


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Iškomar said he is telepathic and transmits from a spaceship around the Earth. He has lived for so long to be able to circumvent without the physical body, even though there are others in the human form. Iškomar started his mission on Earth about thirty thousand years ago to influence our development so that human beings could develop faster and were able to take the lead, not the control prohibited by the galactic law, from wise beings of the universe like himself.

As on earth, and in heaven

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The text "Like on Earth and in Heaven" builds on the book "The Beginning was the Mother," which tells the story of the Beginning of the Universe, about those who created it and about those who lived in it. In this series we will learn how the Earth evolved and the life on it.

Texts are processed in the form short stories.

Are they people at all?

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For science, as we know it today, unexplained phenomena in any area are undesirable. Indeed, it denies the rational understanding of the world, despite the paradox that these irrational sciences need as a stimulus. For many scientists, there is a big dilemma: "Either these excesses I wish and my career will have a rising tendency, or I will not hesitate and deny them, I will examine them - and then they have a reputation, a reputation, or a career is in jeopardy ..."

Luckily, I'm not a scientist, my career is in a different direction, and so I can afford to argue with scientific axioms, trying to break through the arrogance of four-titled researchers in front of their names and their names. But here's the proverbial saying. The title does not honor man, but people honor titles.

Already in 19. century scientists were convinced that in essence everything that could be learned was already explored. The human desire for discovery would have to break away from science disciplines and devote itself to beautiful art and philosophy. And those open confusion like gravity or the way the brain works should be removed soon.

Well, and because I strongly disagree with the above, I will try to point out in my new series of creatures that vastly outnumber those 99,9999% of the population. And mainly deny steady science lessons. And unfortunately, whether or not a goodwill (for whom) opens up a large number of question marks before us and opens up a space to think over these fantastic ways of our thinking.

I have no patent for reason, I only try one thing. To point out that not even scholarly scholars and their scholarship may be true.

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