Third Reich: Base 211

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The 1938 year is written. Germany reports a research expedition to Antarctica. The floating base of the Schwabenland seaplane runs out of Hamburg. There are twenty-four crew members and thirty-three poles on board. The expedition is led by famed oceanologist Alfred Ritscher.

The actual expedition target is still ongoing. But the only undisputed result of the expedition is the fact that hundreds of metal flags with a swastika mark were dropped from the aircraft on the surface of the sixth continent. In this way, Germany "trampled" almost a quarter of Antarctica. But the commander of one of the Schirmacher seaplanes discovered on the ice ... country. It was said to be an oasis with fresh water and a pleasant climate!

Learning the Indians of God

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It is possible that thanks to the study old Indian texts have they managed to recreate the advanced technology that existed in India many thousands of years ago? When aliens commanded our ancestors to record lost advanced technological knowledge and principles, should these records serve as a guide to our scientifically enlightened age? Or should they be a warning to prevent repetition of past mistakes?

The great mystery of the Bucegi Mountains

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"If there really is anything that could free mankind from his past full of slavery and get rid of foreign domination, then these are mysterious tunnel systems inside the Bucegi Mountains."

Murder of John F. Kennedy

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JFK was murdered by the secret services of the secret government. Until today, all documents illustrating the circumstances under which the assassination took place are not officially published. Only through the informers we know more than just what the mainstream media offer.

The mysteries of the northern country

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In December 2008 the Russian ufological research station RUFORS made an expedition to the Kolan Peninsula. Her basic task was to search for the legendary Hyperborea, which, as researchers have been cautiously saying in recent years, has become a place of Russian nationality and has fundamentally influenced the development, science and culture of other countries ...

Mysteries of UFOs and aliens

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Forbidden history of mankind

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