Serpent Mound - The mystery of the amazing Snake Mound in Ohio

07. 01. 2022
Dating in 2013 revealed that this magnificent building, built by Native Americans, dates from 321 BC A year after Aristotle's death in ancient Greece. There was even an endless debate about which Serpent Mound Indian tribe had built: "At the end of the nineteenth century, Frederic Ward Putnam dug two mounds near Serpent Mound. He also found artifacts and villages belonging to the cultures of Aden or Fort. Studies conducted in the 90s date the building to 20 AD, or the ancient Fort culture. "

Recently, however, scientists have dated pieces of charcoal obtained from Great Serpent Mound cores. The samples were dated 400 and 80 BC, suggesting that this work may have been created by the Aden culture. However, charcoal was found scattered on the ground and may have come from the ancient hearths of Aden, which were excavated by later Fort builders.

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