Meeting and drumming in a magical place: 29.8.2019 Magical Park Cibulka

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3rd International Conference Sueneé Universe

The onion has a very rich history dating back to 14. century. However, the year 1817 became an important turning point when the last owner of the Passau-Bishop Leopold Leonhard Raymund Reichsgraf Joseph Thun-Hohenstein, who decided to radically rebuild the whole complex, became the new owner. After his death, however, Cibulka burned down, gradually began to deteriorate and fell into insignificance. Now the estate is abandoned, but it hides many magical places worth seeing and visiting. Let's go through this magical place together and support its magical power with common energy and drumming.

Guided tour and Spontaneous Drumming

Other events from the free cycle, when in teamwork of Sueneý and Jan Kroči we revive the power of old cult places with drums, dance, sometimes and singing! The magic park Cibulka is located near the Angel and yet many Prague citizens do not know it. The guide Jan Kroča tells us what sacred architecture is in the initiation park and why in 19. century. The music and dance group Sueneé then takes us to other worlds through rhythm, dance and singing.

Bring your musical instrument, drum, rattle or whistle, we will have some drums on the spot.


  • seating pad
  • women preferably loose dress to dance

The meeting is at 17: 30 at the Chinese Pavilion (near the bus stop Poštovka). We start in 18: 00 and the predicted end in 21: 00. Meeting on site in any weather.

Please register via SMSTicket:

We are looking for a volunteer: Cameraman / photographer: operator of two for livestream.


Sueneé: 777703008

Honza Kroc: 603728851

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