Sleep naked: seven benefits to your health

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Many years ago I could not imagine I was asleep. I felt better in the breathable clothing that covered my whole body. Over the past few years, my lifestyle has changed dramatically. I began to be more conscious of myself and I was more attuned to my body. I began to feel my body struggling by staying in tight lingerie, jeans, bras, panties, boots, tapes, and so on.

Once I decided to take everything off for the whole night (at least for the night :-)) and since then, I've never had anything more to sleep on. I found sleeping naked for me amazingly liberating. It has many (useful) wonderful benefits for my body and my consciousness.

There are also scientific studies that those who prefer to cover up the most sheet leaflet, are healthier than those who prefer fashion trends in dressing. I have several reasons why this is so:

Enjoy your body

I know that many of you who are just reading this article are accustomed to actively covering up your body and everything on it. I know because I did it just as much as you did. When we do not see our own body and expose it to others, we do not have to confront the feelings associated with it, do we? This is quite true and in the long run very treacherous. We cease to feel and experience the feelings and needs of our body. Our clothes so corrode our senses.

Conscious nudity is one of the things that helps heal negative attitudes about our body. Your whole body will breathe and free yourself from prejudice. At first it may be unpleasant and uncomfortable, but after a while it will become totally natural. Your sensitivity and sensuality will suddenly expand again. You will feel as if 5 has added more to your basic senses.

Enjoy a better sleep

You will save your worries about washing and dressing in pajamas that curl your trousers, cut you in the waist, get too tight in your pants (gentlemen!) Or too tight over your chest. At night, you are disabling the uncomfortable buttons or the collapsed neck collar. These are all things that can disturb you from sleeping.

Fewer clothing means less likely to overheat. Your body needs to reduce the body temperature for a deep sleep up to 0,5 ° C. Clothes and even the thicker duvet increases the likelihood that your body will be confused. He will try to subcool you inside and you'll be hot on the surface of your skin. Your body needs to breathe and relax.

And believe that good sleep is the basis of waking up and filling your energy. It will give you many positive energies and self-confidence to continue working in this life in this world.

Your vagina and your cock will love it

Nude sleep will allow your body to breathe better and vent some important parts of your body. For women, the overheated vagina is a yeast and bacterial incubator. By freeing up your vagina to breathe freely, you can easily get rid of vaginal infections. In this context, I would also recommend to consider: Women throw your panties! Sex is not the only reason to take them off.

For men, however, less clothing reduces body temperature, which helps the natural formation of sperm. This may be useful if someone has been mistaken for you of them you have little. I recommend removing ball from tight trousers and take them occasionally to air - maybe to a naturist beach: Natural nudity lures body and soul.

Enjoy more sex. It's super!

A scientific statistical study confirmed that 1000 sample people, 57% of those in relationship and sleeping naked, have a much happier relationship than those sleeping in pajamas and night shirts. It is a natural consequence of being more natural and pleasant to be physically in contact with your partner body to body than to some clothing. Moreover, if you are both naked, much more and easier it calls for night games under the blanket or without. I personally love - I love - I love to feel my naked skin on my partner's naked body - stay all night in a gentle embrace.

It can save you even from heart problems

Couples sleeping together naked can protect their hearts, not only in that romantic concept. Close body contact to the body triggers the natural formation of oxytocin (the love hormone) that reduces stress, anxiety, blood pressure and strengthens the immune system. This enhances the health of your heart and the entire blood circulation system.

Oxytocin is at its highest level after the climax of orgasm, so it's definitely good to support each other and be happy together, even if you do not have sex together.

Your body will look sexy!

During deep sleep, there are many regenerative processes in the body, including hormone production, which also affects your weight. People who sleep at optimum temperature without clothing produce less stress hormones. These are directly proportional to fat storage in your body.

If you wear sleeping clothes, your body tends to overheat on the surface and dramatically cool inside. This creates stress stress that produces the hormone cortisol. The same hormone then helps to store fat. Certainly, fewer clothes, less cortisol = a happy and healthy body.

Natural nudity makes you beautiful

Stable body temperature helps you create the optimal melatonin level, which is said to be an anti-aging hormone. This will add to the beauty of your hair, smooth and delicate skin. It's a great defense against wrinkles.

And if you let your body breathe freely without being wrapped in artificial fibers saturated with synthetic dyes, your body will finally be able to free the dirt even through your skin, which can be more easily restored.

It does not matter if you sleep alone or with your partner - try to throw away all the barriers and let your body live freely. You will sleep better, you will be more beautiful, you will feel better and definitely grow your sexual sensuality ... <3

How do you master your own nudity?

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7 comments on "Sleep naked: seven benefits to your health"

  • omroo says:

    When a man is warming up "youth", it's fine, but with the aging process to have dull and painful shoulders - not much. For me, a sleeping bag, otherwise nothing. I've been sleeping for years and I'm fine.

    • Sueneé says:

      On hard and painful shoulders I recommend you Therapies u Edity. He writes for us articles about Edgar Cayce. She has helped me many times and many of my acquaintances and loved ones with both physical and mental pain.

      Ad T-shirts: Surely the poll does not detail all combinations. Sleeping shirt reminds me of the story of the Queen's scooter: she came dressed - unclothed. Your penis is liberated, but your (spiritual) heart is bound. Maybe I would ask where your inner fire is lost? What weighs your shoulders, what in life, Omorro, do you carry second, and what does Standa take the power of a clear voice and open heart? :)

      I'll stick with you basu and I admit that occasionally in the coldest cold (winter), I take a breeze and a sleeping bag or sweater. But it is very exceptional. Today there are tropical heat. I slept the night not only naked but actually exposed to sensitive kidneys. These are said to reflect partner relationships. Something about it ...;)

      Personally, it comes to me by pushing the nudge to the plane of something hidden and socially unacceptable we have disconnected one of those more 360 senses that we can perceive the world. We hide not only our bodies but also how we really are. (Let's leave the practical reasons behind ...))

  • Standa Standa says:

    There is a lot of choice in the poll. I need to sleep in a short shirt. When I sleep completely naked, I'm cold on my chest and neck. Is it nudity or not?

    And at home I walk lightly dressed The reason is not that anyone would see me, but that our animals are playful. Getting a pack in some places is not a good thing. Despite the cat's claw clothing that jumps on my lap when I'm sitting, I usually do not penetrate.

  • Martin Horus Martin Horus says:

    Consent to the full ... what about the opposition?

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