Allied souls will always meet

27. 07. 2021
4rd International Conference Sueneé Universe

If we only knew of all those kindred spirits who came to Earth to be here with us, we would never feel alone in this physical or spiritual world. And why? Because the connection of heart and soul to these loved ones would be a constant message to us that we are part of a larger group or mental family. These are our spiritual friends who have incarnated here with us and with whom we often share many other life paths, both past and future.

Related souls and circumstances

Often these facts are suppressed by physical reality as we know it. Suppressed and closed behind the door of a fleeting intuitive impression that speaks to us here and there and lets us know that not everything seems to be. Some connections can be closed for the entire life cycle, others last only a moment. Sometimes, however, circumstances do not give room for this connection, even though we would like to find it.

Every soul comes here in anticipation of what important close encounters they will experience. He often waits with desire in his heart for this encounter, sometimes even in complete solitude and impatience, when the moment comes. But the right time must always come, the meeting will come at a time when both souls are ready and aware of their own existence.

The willingness to open our eyes and heart to get rid of the limitations with which we view our relationships opens the door to a much deeper understanding. With our eyes and hearts open, we are able to see through the outer cover of the everyday life of our relationship. Sometimes we can experience a short feeling of a deeper connection with our mental brother or sister. These are precious moments. When they appear, they can open the door to new possibilities and guide us on the path of meeting our loved ones or, conversely, dividing our paths.

Resonance at the energy level

When two souls who know each other from past lives meet, there is a moment of resonance on the energy level. This connection is a kind of impulse or vibrating energy. The heart always knows that something strong is happening. However, such a meeting does not automatically mean that we have to react to it in a certain way. The fate of all our meetings and relationships must be governed by our own laws. Both in connection with the mental level and the level of everyday life of our lives. However, knowing that we have met someone who comes from "the same place" is a very profound experience - one that people often have but do not realize where this feeling actually comes from.

Such unification is in many ways as natural as the breath itself. Our destinies are forever tangled together, even though we are just physically alone and feeling lonely. We are connected with these individuals, on an energy level. And such a meeting is indeed a cause for joy, as it is a beautiful illustration of the complexity of the spiritual universe, which works with incredible detail on the place and timing of the meeting of two souls or groups of friendly souls for their best good.

It doesn't matter where we are in life or how different we feel from our surroundings. These souls we are to be with, at least for a while, are always with us. Sometimes it is this physical separation, with all its limitations and limitations, serves as a catalyst. It can lead us in a new direction and much further on our path to self-discovery.


The future of relationships based on spiritual understanding is one of the ways of greater life awareness of who we are. For example, a child may be sure that he or she has had a different relationship with his or her parent in the past. For example, brother-sister. In the past, this information could have been very confusing. We are now at the beginning of a journey where such awareness is rather enriching.

Let us be happy for this time when our collective awareness of this new world awakens. Let all beings recognize their true face and open up to this new reality where we are all interconnected and nobody is alone.

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