Sri Lanka: Mystical Megalith in Sigiriya

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Sigiriya is an old palace in the Matale region near Dambulla in central Sri Lanka province.

It is an ancient, historically and archeologically significant site, dominated by a massive rock formation tall almost 200 m. According to the old Sri Lankan chronicle Culavams, King Kasyap (477-495 pnl) chose this place as the capital of the country.

He left a temple decorated with colorful frescoes on the rock. On a small platform about halfway through the rock, the gate is in the form of a huge lion. From it is derived the name of the place - Sīhāgiri, which means left rock. After the death of the king, the capital remained with the palace abandoned. The palace was up to 14. st. established Buddhist monastery.

Heavenly virgins from frescoes in Sygiriya

Today Sigiriya is on the UNESCO list of monuments. It is one of the best preserved examples of ancient city planning and the most visited monument in Sri Lanka.

The sight of it will take your breath away

Lion Rock Fine stone work

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