Steven Greer: Revealed

23 29. 12. 2022
5th international conference of exopolitics, history and spirituality

The biggest problem is not to discover other beings in the universe. The whole thing is that we have to ask ourselves how the beings got here? How do they do that their ships can fly at great speeds at speeds that obviously have to exceed the speed of light, while they can make steep maneuvers without having to brake? Why, when they have such technologies, we still use combustion and rocket engines? Obviously, we must have unknown physical principles that do not consume energy in the way we are used to thinking.

Such knowledge would have a huge impact on the organization and functioning of our entire society. A substantial part of the military industrial complex, oil and energy corporations would disappear. It would make sense to accumulate property, because in a society that has unlimited possibilities and resources, any imaginary boundaries are wiping away.

He who controls resources controls those who need them for their existence. Lack creates sick people who form a sick society that is then easier to manipulate. Sick society tends to function inefficiently…

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