Is the US Air Force (USAF) shooting at aliens?

17. 02. 2023
5th international conference of exopolitics, history and spirituality

Since last weekend (February 10-12.02.2023, XNUMX), there has been an avalanche of mainstream media reports with the following titles: Flying threat over the USA. The Americans don't know what they are shooting down. UFO over North America. The military has been tracking UFOs for years. UFOs have flown here before, but no one was looking for them. No one can explain UFOs, the general said. What is it? UFOs in North American skies. An American fighter jet shot down a UFO near AlaskaAll you have to do is search for the password american ufo and there is no shortage of ideas with which journalists in the Czech Republic present the phenomenon of the last days.

A number of questions arise in a matter-of-fact way:

  1. Why now?
  2. Why do incidents happen near military bases?
  3. Why is spy balloons being addressed when it is common practice for many major powers to send each other spy balloons and it is never addressed in the media?
  4. Why is shooting at unknown objects associated with UFO, when the general societal narrative is that UFOs = aliens? (This is also why the new term was created UAP.)
  5. Who benefits from the fact that people who have not been interested in aliens until now are wondering what is going on in America?
  6. Why did it take more than 4 days for the US White House to declare that it was not aliens, when it was Bieden who was supposed to personally approve the shooting down of all the objects in question?
  7. Where are the photos of the affected objects before they were shot down, which they must USAF available?
  8. The Pentagon said the objects were unmanned. So why do they claim that they have no idea what the objects are and how they work?
  9. It is alien technology in the hands of earthlings (so-called ARV)?
  10. Does anyone test people's mental readiness for the real Revelation?
  11. Is someone trying to distract from much more serious topics?
  12. ...

The list of questions could certainly go on. Rather than elaborately describing the various scenarios, we have broadcasted a very comprehensive video for you.

What is the USAF shooting for?

I consider it important to realize one basic thing: With conventional weapons (bullets, rockets, lasers) it is not possible to shoot down a technology that is several centuries/millennia ahead in terms of development. We know from history that such attempts unfortunately ended tragically for pilots carrying out completely stupid orders from their superiors:

  1. The pursuit of the ETV ended tragically because the pilot was unable to make such violent maneuvers, which have their limits in the Earth's gravitational field. (ETVs have their own anti-gravity fields)
  2. The missiles began to bounce off the flying saucer and turned against the aggressor, who thus suffered hits that he himself sent
  3. The fighter disappeared/vaporized/dematerialized including the pilot
  4. The fighter was a saucer shot down
  5. Missiles have been dematerialized (least invasive option)

The Space Hoax: Revealed

Two years ago, Dr. Steven Greer film The Cosmic Hoax: An Exposé, for which we made Czech subtitles thanks to you fans. This film is so essential that it has been made available to viewers completely free of charge from the beginning. I recommend it in connection with the topic that is currently being discussed in the media, remind.

The topic is so specific that it has stirred the exopolitical community all over the Earth to search for information. It's quite possible that sooner or later a document will emerge that will shed a clearer light on the whole (possibly) false flag operation.

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