Suenee Universe: Declaration of Independence

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We are an interest group of people who are neither owned nor funded by any corporation or multinational company. We are independent of decision-making.

Presented articles may not always be the opinion of editorial members. Articles:

  1. taken over - are published in good faith. We are not their authors and we are not responsible for their formal or material accuracy. We have an agreement with the authors of the articles that we can take over or use the rights to share the article resulting from the license.
  2. author's articles - replies author
  3. translations - the translator is responsible for the translation and the author of the original is the content
  4. the translator and author of the original are responsible for the author's translations.

The information provided is given to readers as they are. Every reader has the free will to decide whether or not to accept that information.

Given that an authoritative and generally acknowledged source of some information can not always be supervised (unless it is a direct testimony of trustworthy persons or declassified documents from government archives), it is up to the reader to assess the quality of the information provided and to express its opinion on the subject. The readers are given the opportunity to place discussion papers under the article.

Editors reserve the right to publish the articles we consider appropriate. Alternatively, the article can only quote or redraw.

The author's article is always the subjective opinion of the author who does not have to express the opinion of the majority. The author is aware that his contribution may be subject to substantive discussion.

The editorial board expresses an open intention to provide information from resources that are in direct contact with the topics covered by the content of the website.

The intention of the editors is to address direct witnesses of events - potential informants, whether they are retired employees or people in active service who are willing to testify on the record, both with the preservation of anonymity and the revealed identity.

Editorial members are opening new ideas and information and opinion trends.

Let the reader be aware that the information provided may not always be 100% true but may contain a certain percentage of knowingly or unknowingly distorted information that originates from the original sources. And since we are mostly reliant on third party information, we always act on our behalf to the best of our knowledge and conscience. Again, it is up to the reader to assess the relevance of the information.

We are aware of the above, and we declare that our intention is to act with maximum openness and transparency.

We are opening the publication of controversial topics. We keep our senses in mind for meaningful content. An open heart without prejudices and without fear.

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