Sweden: Toxic chemtrails are not a conspiracy theory

7 15. 03. 2023
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Long foggy lines that are constantly emitting unlabelled planes on the blue sky are not normal condensation pairs (so-called contrails). This is what Pernilla Hagberg, chairpersons of the Green Party of the Greens, says. The Swedish newspaper reported Katrineholms-Kuriren, Hagberg is the first politician to speak of the matter. She admitted openly that the lines they called "chemtrails" are a poisonous cocktail of chemicals, viruses, and heavy metals and will not disappear in the sky, like normal condensation pairs.

According to Hagberg, this spraying is a joint venture US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) to US National Security Agency (NSA) and the Swedish government to change the atmosphere by deliberately spraying the aerosol. "Dangerous" aerosol mix contains various chemicals, viruses and virus fragments, as well as heavy metals such as aluminum and barium, which are known to accumulate in water and soil.

Normal condensation lines are composed only of water and will disappear very quickly after the jet engines drain them. So they are slightly different from chemtrails, which cover the entire sky with a white veil. Video posted on You Tube by Free Truth Show shows how such chemtrails normally appear in the sky: Youtube.

"It is welcomed when the politician draws attention to the subject and receives the attention of the main stream on the topic." This is what JG Vibes writes about the Hagberg and her unexpected confession The Intel Hub. "Unfortunately, we are dealing with a political problem that requires a complex non-political solution."

Spraying the sky to save the planet?

Interestingly, shortly before that, the United Nations, as well as some foundations and organizations supported by Bill Gates, admitted that such spraying was happening, and therefore the discharge of such microparticles was not normal condensation lines. Their excuse for spraying is that they want to protect the earth from the catastrophic consequences of so-called "global warming." So global warming - this ubiquitous pseudo-scientific theory that constantly extends to justify strange political proposals.

Blocking the sun's rays to reduce the average temperature on Earth, deliberate climate change due to the melting of the polar ice, is all meant to be an excuse for trying to cover our skies with a quantum of toxic substances. Hagberg promises that if she is re-elected in her country, she will continue to fight chemtrails, in which the Swedish government has its fingers.

Look at the document What in the World Are They Spraying? and its continuation Why Are They Spraying?where you can learn more about the worldwide phenomenon called chemtrails. Both films can be found in full length on YouTube.

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